I am 100% happy with my new hip. I give the credit for my quick recovery to your excellent method and my hard work. I have told everyone that this method is preferable, and they should tell anyone needing hip replacement about it. I've told friends from Western Michigan, where the anterior method...

Louise Staple

Dr. Zehr replaced a badly damaged and arthritic knee. The results were beyond any reasonable expectation. I've had over 15 surgeries on knee and shoulder at top places around the country and this is by far the best outcome. He is a gifted surgeon at the top of his game. I recommend him highly and...

Dennis Ferrazzano
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New Solution to Knee OA Only at Zehr Center

Naples orthopaedic surgeon tests A2M injections on his own knee

NAPLES, Fla. (October 23, 2014) - The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics is offering a revolutionary biologic solution to knee arthritis that serves as a viable alternative to total knee replacement surgery. “This is a real treatment for arthritis that alters the natural progression of the disease,” says Robert J. Zehr, MD, about the alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) injections now available at the Zehr Center.

“The science is fabulous. An arthritic knee (and all arthritic joints) makes several chemicals that destroy the articular cartilage, which is the essence of osteoarthritis. However, our bodies make a protein, alpha-2-macroglobulin, in a relatively large quantity and it circulates in our blood.  A2M binds (captures) these “bad” chemicals produced in the knee and neutralizes their degenerative effect,” Dr. Zehr explains. “The problem is that the naturally occurring A2M cannot cross into the arthritic joint in any quantity sufficient to achieve a positive effect.”

This problem is resolved by injecting concentrated A2M, derived from the patient’s own blood, directly into the knee joint. The product has been in research and development for approximately 10 years by Cytonics Corporation, a Jupiter, Florida-based private orthopedics research and development company. Recently approved by the FDA for clinical trials, the treatment is available through a select few physicians. The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics is the only orthopedic practice on the west coast of Florida approved by Cytonics to offer the treatment.

Encouraged by his personal experience with it, Dr. Zehr has been carefully monitoring the Zehr Center patients who have received the A2M therapy. So far, the biologic treatment has been a remarkable success, with only one patient proceeding to total knee replacement surgery. “My knee has not felt this good in years!” says Dr. Zehr. “For those of us involved in the care of the arthritic patient, this is really a huge advancement.”

Neither Medicare nor private insurance companies cover the cost of the injections at this time. Still, interest in A2M is growing rapidly. Dr. Zehr explains why. “The Centers for Disease Control estimates that some 27 million adult Americans are afflicted with osteoarthritis.  Furthermore, it is estimated that 1 in 2 adults will get symptomatic knee osteoarthritis in their lifetime. With the combination of the aging Baby Boomer population, increased longevity of U.S. citizens and the obesity epidemic, the rising prevalence of osteoarthritis is expected to contribute even more heavily to the severe health and economic effects already present. Osteoarthritis often causes weakness and disability, interferes with work productivity, and often results, ultimately, in joint replacement.”

For more information on A2M biologic treatment for osteoarthritis call the Zehr Center at 239-596-0100. Read a detailed explanation of this revolutionary new treatment on our website.

About Dr. Robert J. Zehr:  Robert J. Zehr, MD is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon and the founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics, a private orthopaedic surgery practice located in Naples, FL. He specializes in hip and knee replacement surgery, complex revision joint surgery, arthroscopy and skeletal tumor and trauma reconstruction. He is experienced in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement and is skilled in custom aligned total knee replacement techniques. Dr. Zehr has over 25 years of orthopaedic experience in complex joint reconstruction and rehabilitation.


Naples Orthopedic Surgeon Provides Solutions for Your Hip and Knee Pain

Are you experiencing difficulties affecting your hips or knees? Are you finding the pain from arthritis unmanageable? Are you looking for a solution?

We have the solutions for you here at the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics in Naples, FL. Our founder, orthopaedic surgeon Robert J. Zehr, M.D., is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who has specialized in joint replacement surgery, total knee replacement and total hip replacement for over 25 years. Dr. Zehr’s mastery of minimally invasive surgical techniques and rapid recovery rehab protocols means improved surgical outcomes, fewer complications, shortened hospital stays and greater satisfaction for you. Experts from the Zehr Center Naples facility can perform hip and knee surgeries and help you find the pain-free living we all hope to have.

Our Experienced Orthopaedic Team Provides Expert Care

You can be confident when placing your health in the hands of the surgical team and professional staff of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. Dr. Zehr has the experience of thousands of complex joint reconstructions and other orthopaedic surgery techniques to call upon to apply to your individual problem. In addition, he is a nationally and internationally recognized author, lecturer and teacher who is consistently ranked among America’s best orthopaedic surgeons.

You can rest assured you will receive world class health care in the comfort of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. The industry’s most advanced digital equipment and electronic medical record system combined with our highly trained and dedicated professional staff results in an office experience designed to put you at ease. We spend time with all of our patients to educate them in their problem, lay out a plan of treatment and follow through with them to the optimum conclusion of their problem.

Convenient Naples Location

The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics is conveniently located at Exit 111 just off of I-75 in Naples, Florida. The proximity of the Zehr Center to major traffic arteries and regional and international airports makes access easy for local, seasonal or international patients. We work with a Health Grades 5-Star orthopaedic hospital, Physicians Regional Medical Center, to assure our patients of the best surgical and hospital experience possible. This facility is heavily invested in specialized surgical personnel and operating equipment for the orthopaedic patient, such as the hana® Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Table, which Dr. Zehr uses in the highly specialized direct anterior approach technique to hip replacement surgery.

In addition, access to exotic beach hotels, PGA level golf courses and the beauty of Southwest Florida makes our campus in Naples, FL a medical destination rivaled by none as our many international and discerning national patients have already discovered!

Are You Ready to Find Relief from Your Pain?

If you’re ready to find relief from the aches and pains in your knees and hips and you want only the "Best Trained, Most Experienced," let us show you a better way at the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics...
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