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Anterior Approach Hip Replacement at the Zehr Center in Florida

One of the most exciting advances in the surgical technique of hip replacement surgery has been realized through the utilization of the direct anterior approach to total hip replacement, sometimes referred to as anterior hip replacement surgery, which is Dr. Zehr’s preferred approach for this type of surgery. This is the most minimally invasive approach to the hip as it does not cut any muscle, but merely pushes them apart to access the hip joint. In contrast the vast majority of hip surgeons prefer to enter the hip from a posterior or posterior-lateral approach which splits or cuts through various muscles about the hip.

Although anterior hip replacement has been used sparingly in Europe for some time, it has not caught on in the U.S. until relatively recently. It is a much more challenging technique for most surgeons to learn and is not routinely taught in training programs.  In addition, if done through a small incision of 10-12cm, it can be quite laborious and risky in the hands of the novice to this approach. This approach has been made easier and more reproducible with the use of a specialized operating room table called to “hana table“. Consequently, it is noteworthy that direct anterior approach total hip replacement has currently been adopted by only +/-5% of all hip surgeons throughout the U.S. currently as their method of choice.
Successful Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Nonetheless, the advantages that this approach offers to patients is quickly making anterior total hip replacement the most sought after surgical approach by discerning patients who need hip replacement. The benefits to the patient are four-fold:

Faster recovery, shorter hospital stay
Minimally invasive, resulting in less post operative pain
Less restrictive, allows patient full range of motion upon recovery
More accurate placement of the prosthesis, increased stability

Dr. Zehr is the leading orthopaedic surgeon in Southwest Florida utilizing the direct anterior approach to total hip replacement. To benefit from his experience in this complex surgery, please call 239-596-0100.

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