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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery at the ZehrCenter

Among the most common orthopedic surgical procedures is arthroscopic knee surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery is most often performed to remove torn cartilage within the knee. The procedure involves inserting a small camera into the knee joint which the surgeon uses to accurately effect a repair to the knee. Arthroscopic knee surgery is often called “scoping the knee” or knee arthroscopy.

In addition to cartilage repair, other conditions calling for arthroscopic knee surgery include ACL reconstruction; plica exision; a lateral release to loosen the ligaments extending over the kneecap; and cartilage transfers.

Arthroscopic knee surgery recovery has greatly improved since its inception, with less pain and shorter recovery times. The rehabilitation process balances swelling and healing. The goal is to return range of motion to the knee as soon as possible. Physical therapy is a common part of rehabilitation, and most therapists work with the orthopedic surgeon to return the patient to full function as soon as possible.

If you are considering arthroscopic knee surgery, it is important to choose a surgeon experienced in the diagnosis of the knee problem and the execution of the procedure. Dr. Robert Zehr has over 20 years of experience in orthopedic surgeries such as arthroscopic knee surgery which should improve your chances of a rapid recovery.

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