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Gender Specific Knee Replacement Surgery in Florida

There is some interest these days in gender specific knee replacement due in large part to the marketing efforts of one of the major implant manufacturers. Women represent a larger percentage of the knee replacement market with 60% of knee replacements being done in women. It is well known by all surgeons that the anatomy of a woman’s knee is slightly different than that of a man. Theoretically it has been suggested that a knee implant designed specifically for the slight variation in a women’s knee, the so called “gender specific” knee or womans knee, would result in a better function of the knee for women. Despite a hard pressing marketing effort by the manufacturer, several Level 1 scientific studies on this topic have failed to present convincing data to prove this theory true. Take the time to read one award winning piece of research which refutes the claims that the gender specific knee has any advantage over the many outstanding knee implants available to surgeons http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2565048/    If the claim can’t hold up to scientific scrutiny, it is mere hype!

Gender Specific Total Knee Replacement at ZCO

Traditionally, replacement implants have been designed based on an “average” shape of all knees with each manufacturer having its own take on this idea. As there are bigger and smaller men and women, so are implants available in a wide range of sizes. This available implant variation created by all major implant manufacturers has proven over time to be quite satisfactory in providing accurate fit and function in the current population and the availability of a gender specific knee does not seem to offer any substantive advantage over currently available designs with much longer track records.

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