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Hip Fracture Treatment at the Zehr Center in Florida

A broken hip is unfortunately a common and very serious injury, especially in elderly individuals. In the United States, hip fractures are the most common broken joint that requires hospitalization; about 300,000 Americans are hospitalized for a hip fracture every year. Hip fractures are typically caused by a fall directly onto the hip area. This joint is frequently weakened by osteoporosis, a condition that comes with age. The low level stress of hitting the hip is enough to cause it to break and leaves the patient unable to get up.

Successful Hip Fracture Surgery

Hip fracture treatment almost always requires hip fracture surgery. In many cases this means a hip replacement or an inside the bone splint called a hip nail.  Many medical issues surround the care of a hip fracture and although the goal is to get a patient back on their feet as quickly as possible, a significant number of hip fracture patients never walk the same as they did prior to the fall even with appropriate surgery.

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