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Hip Joint Arthritis & Replacement at the Zehr Center in Florida

You need help for your hip joint pain caused by arthritis that has become so bad that you can no longer function well or tolerate the pain with even simple daily activities. The assessment of your hip through a physical exam and a review of your X-rays indicates that your hip joint has end stage arthritis. You are no longer getting any relief with the more conservative measures and this has left you wondering about your next step. What can be done now?

The answer may well be a hip joint replacement done with the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques, pain control protocols and rapid rehabilitation program available anywhere in the world. As a recognized leader, teacher and innovator in minimally invasive surgical techniques for total hip joint replacement, Dr. Robert Zehr of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics has had the opportunity to refine the various aspects of the surgical experience for his patients both in the operating room and in the postoperative care following hip joint surgery.
Hip Joint Pain and Successful Surgery

Hip joint surgeries are really quite common. Annually, hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo this highly successful operation to relieve the pain of hip joint arthritis. Many of them enjoy the benefits that the minimally invasive “direct anterior approach” to total hip joint replacement provides.

Hip joint replacement surgery is a complex procedure, and Dr. Zehr is one of Southwest Florida’s most experienced hip joint replacement surgeons, utilizing exclusively the “direct anterior approach” to total hip joint replacement.

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