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How long will my new knee last, and can a second total knee replacement surgery be done?

It is likely that a knee replacement implanted in an average 60 year old patient will last the remainder of their life. This is based on data looking at long term survival of implants from multiple manufacturers over the past 30 years. In general, we expect 90% of implants to last at least 20 years. However, there is no guarantee that yours will last that long, and 5-10 percent will not last that long.

Unfortunately, not all implants will last your lifetime and all implants have a limited life expectancy depending on an individuals age, weight, activity level and medical condition(s). If a patient needs a knee replacement at the relatively young age of 50 years and the parents lived to well into their 80’s, there is a real possibility that the implanted knee will need to be revised due to loosening of the components or failure from some other cause. A second replacement or a revision of the first joint replacement may be necessary. Although revision total knee replacement surgery can be done, it often doesn’t last as long as the first and carries a higher level risk of complication such as infection and instability.

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