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Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

The prospect of having your knee replaced can be daunting. So many things to consider—which surgeon, which hospital, which total knee replacement rehab facility? Fear and anxiety can work to inhibit rational thinking and prevent you from doing what is necessary to solve the problem with your painful joint.

The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics has put together a complete package so that all of these decisions are made by the experts and you can focus completely on getting back to normal after your surgery. Once the decision is made that you need a knee joint replacement, we lead you through the entire process from beginning to end, including the steps to take for successful knee replacement rehabilitation. We take the time to explain the road ahead and provide understandable educational materials such as our renowned “Guidebook” series to help you remember everything. We lay out an integrated program so that the office experience, the hospital stay and post-op total knee replacement rehabilitation are all coordinated to keep you on the path to success. We will help you to set realistic goals for your return to activities and help you to realize these goals.

One of the greatest advancements in the recovery process after total knee replacement surgery has been the ability to control post-operative pain.   In concert with the skills of the anesthesiologist performing various local block to the long acting medications injected by your surgeon into the knee joint during and after surgery, the pain experienced by most patients is quite bearable allowing immediate ambulation after surgery and participation is aggressive physical therapy sessions to assure maximum function and rapid return to activity.  Persistence, a good pain management program and a good knee replacement surgery rehabilitation program will ensure a successful outcome.

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