My name is Lezanne Bowman, I am 46 years old, and Dr. Zehr changed my life! For six months, I lived with excruciating pain in my right hip. I consulted a chiropractor and physical therapist, neither of which were able to provide any relief or a correct diagnosis. I then consulted with an orthoped...

Lezanne Bowman

I received excellent care and would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone.

Dennis R. Mclean

Excellent all around!

Deborah Huckins

I don’t have enough positives to describe Dr. Zehr and his entire staff. From the first phone “hello” until the final post op “see you later”, I was treated with the utmost respect and was well educated for each step of my joint replacement surgery. Although dreaded, the surgery and re...

Dr. Jay Jones

If knee surgery could be considered pleasant, Dr. and staff made it as pleasant as possible. After 5 weeks, I was fishing on our 21-foot center console and even hooked a tarpon. Wish my right knee felt as good. That will be next.

Fred Amerspek

Magnum Hip Replacement in Florida

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Traditionally, hip replacement implants are a combination of a metal ball that slides in a polyethylene (plastic) cup replacing the person’s worn bony ball and socket. Because the plastic liner can wear down over time the younger more active patient can wear out a joint relatively quickly leading to the need for a replacement of the original replacement. The orthopedic implant company, Biomet, has recognized this shortcoming in implant design and has developed a replacement to address the higher demands of more active, higher demand lifestyles. The Biomet magnum hip (M2a –Magnum™) is a metal-on-metal hip prosthesis in which a large metal ball bearing revolves against a metal cup thereby eliminating the plastic liner.

Biomet Magnum Hip at the Zehr Center

These metal on metal designs such as the Magnum hip replacement are more stable and there is great promise that this design type will last longer and tolerate more stress for the younger, active individual. There are some concerns with large metallic hip designs and they are not for everybody as indicated by some recent scientific studies.

Dr. Zehr can best determine if you are a candidate for a magnum hip replacement or if another type of implant would better address your unique situation. Please call 239-596-0100 for more information.

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