My name is Lezanne Bowman, I am 46 years old, and Dr. Zehr changed my life! For six months, I lived with excruciating pain in my right hip. I consulted a chiropractor and physical therapist, neither of which were able to provide any relief or a correct diagnosis. I then consulted with an orthoped...

Lezanne Bowman

I received excellent care and would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone.

Dennis R. Mclean

Excellent all around!

Deborah Huckins

I don’t have enough positives to describe Dr. Zehr and his entire staff. From the first phone “hello” until the final post op “see you later”, I was treated with the utmost respect and was well educated for each step of my joint replacement surgery. Although dreaded, the surgery and re...

Dr. Jay Jones

If knee surgery could be considered pleasant, Dr. and staff made it as pleasant as possible. After 5 weeks, I was fishing on our 21-foot center console and even hooked a tarpon. Wish my right knee felt as good. That will be next.

Fred Amerspek

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At the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics we want you to be as informed as you can be about your health and how to better care for yourself. We are especially interested in keeping you up on the latest developments in the field of hip and knee replacement surgery. To that end we have established our ZCO Newsletter which comes out several times a year and covers a variety of topics that we hope you will find informative, interesting and motivating.
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Did you know you can forecast the weather with your joints?

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Finding it hard to keep your healthy New Year's resolutions? We offer 5 habits to break in 2016!

         ...read about it in our December newsletter.

We made history! The FIRST outpatient hip replacement surgery was performed at the new Seaside Surgery Center...

         ...read about it in our November newsletter.

Meet our new X-Ray Technologist, learn what the humble pumpkin can do for your joints...

         ...in the October newsletter.

Update on Seaside Surgery Center, upcoming seminar dates and news of Dr. Zehr's first radio appearance on Sirius XM's Doctor Radio...

         ...all in the September newsletter.

The first surgery center in Southwest Florida to offer outpatient joint replacement! New robotic arm assisted partial knee replacment surgery! A2M therapy goes to clinical trials...

         ...so much happening in our August newsletter.

Zehr Center patients go on to live pain-free lives after their hip and knee surgeries. Many of them share their experiences with us! Some even share photos...

         ...see what one total hip replacement patient has been doing this summer in our July newsletter.

We are now offering knee replacement surgery using the MAKOplasty® robotic arm system...

         ...you can read a summary of this exciting new technique in our June newsletter.

Our 1000th anterior approach hip replacement patient is a retired physician. He's had THR using both the posterior and anterior approaches.

         ...read his comparison of the two in our May newsletter.

We've reached a milestone!

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Read a testimony about the new A2M Therapy...

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We offered a few New Year's resolutions for keeping your bones healthy...

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Three quick tips for a joint-healthy Thanksgiving feast...

         ...were included in our November newsletter.

We have some great tricks and treats for your joints...

          ...in our October newsletter.

There is a new, breakthrough treatment for knee osteoarthritis available at ZCO...

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If you have had hip replacement surgery, you want to avoid dislocating your hip...

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A new total knee replacement system spares the ACL...

          ...find out what it can do for you in our July 29, 2014 issue.

A good night's sleep is important to managing the pain of your arthritis...

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Summertime activities can present challenges in managing your arthritis pain...

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There are several questions you should ask when choosing your orthopaedic surgeon...

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When should you get a hip replacement?

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Prepatellar Bursitis has many nicknames, such as "Housemaid's Knee"...

...we give you some advice on how to avoid it in our March 2014 issue.

We start the new year off with advice for the aging athlete...

...and offer some tips for managing arthritis in cold weather in our January 2014 issue.

We offer an update on the Medicare issue...

...and take a look at some holiday foods that are actually good for your joints in our December 2013 issue.

Learn the latest technology for knee replacement surgery...

...We introduce you to Verasense in the October 2013 issue.

The AAOS has issued new recommendations for the non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee...

...We explain what they mean for you in our July 2013 issue.

Good bone health requires action on your part...

...We provide tips for bone health in our June 2013 issue.

Improve your golf game with hip surgery?

...Not exactly, but we discuss improvements in hip sugery and hear a golfer's testimony in our April 2013 issue.

What was that "popping" noise?

...Learn about "popping" knees and uni-compartmental knee replacement in our March 2013 issue.

Dive right into aqua exercise for joint health!

...We tell you the benefits in our January 2013 issue.

What's the best thing you can do for your joints?

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The benefits of walking for joint health are numerous...

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A rapid recovery from joint surgery depends on several factors...

...We discuss them in our September 2012 issue.

Take your best shot at joint pain!

...We discuss injections for joint pain in our August 2012 issue.

Most forms of joint pain involve some kind of inflammation...

... 7 questions to ask when your joints heat up in July 2012 issue.

When are habits a good thing? When you form them to protect your joints!

...We show you three habits for good joint health in our May 2012 issue.

How long will your new joint last? We discuss revision replacement surgery...

...Find out more about it in the April 2012 issue.

The most oft-asked questions in joint surgery begin with - "When can I ...?"

...We answer a few of them in our March 2012 issue.

We show you how to control your knee pain with exercise...

...Check out what you can do in the February 2012 issue.

Three strategies for getting relief from your joint pain...

...See if they work for you in the January 2012 issue.

Why you should leave the Christmas cookies to Santa...and give you tips on coping with arthritis pain in cold weather...

...Get the cold hard facts in the December 2011 issue.

Tradition is good for turkeys, but bad for hips...

...Learn why in the November 2011 issue.

Do glucosamine and chondroitin really work?

...Find out in the October 2011 issue.

The "Dog Days of Summer" didn't slow us down!

...Read more in the August 2011 issue.

The inaugural Summer 2011 issue was all about knees.


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