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Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement at the Zehr Center in Florida

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is a term that is commonly used to describe several variations in the surgical approach to the knee joint. These techniques are evolved to reduce the tissue trauma associated with surgery. The goal is to reduce postoperative discomfort, speed up recovery, and reduce the intrinsic stiffness that comes with bigger, more traditional surgical incisions.

The variations are termed: quad sparing, subvastus and mid vastus splitting and short parapatellar.  All of these methods a ways to enter the knee joint and not disrupt the tendon that extends the knee or flips the knee cap over.  These more traditional techniques contribute to considerably more pain and increased levels of stiffness in the post operative knee.

Successful Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

Minimally invasive total knee replacement, using any of these techniques that a skilled surgeon will know, allows for the proper implantation of a total knee replacement through a smaller 4-5 inch incision rather than the larger, more painful 8- 10-inch incision. This can be done without compromising the alignment and balance of the knee which is so critical to proper function.

It is important to choose an orthopedic surgeon who is experienced and highly skilled in this type of minimally invasive knee surgery.

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