My name is Lezanne Bowman, I am 46 years old, and Dr. Zehr changed my life! For six months, I lived with excruciating pain in my right hip. I consulted a chiropractor and physical therapist, neither of which were able to provide any relief or a correct diagnosis. I then consulted with an orthoped...

Lezanne Bowman

I received excellent care and would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone.

Dennis R. Mclean

Excellent all around!

Deborah Huckins

I don’t have enough positives to describe Dr. Zehr and his entire staff. From the first phone “hello” until the final post op “see you later”, I was treated with the utmost respect and was well educated for each step of my joint replacement surgery. Although dreaded, the surgery and re...

Dr. Jay Jones

If knee surgery could be considered pleasant, Dr. and staff made it as pleasant as possible. After 5 weeks, I was fishing on our 21-foot center console and even hooked a tarpon. Wish my right knee felt as good. That will be next.

Fred Amerspek

Naples Orthopaedic Surgeon Completes Milestone Surgery

Dr. Robert J. Zehr, founder of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics in Naples, Florida, has completed his 500th direct anterior approach hip surgery. A leading Southwest Florida orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Zehr has specialized in the direct anterior approach to hip surgery for the past 3 years. The challenging technique is not traditionally taught in orthopedic training programs; and it requires great skill to master. Fewer than 5% of all hip surgeons routinely use the direct anterior approach.

The direct anterior approach differs from traditional hip replacement surgery in that the joint is approached from the front of the hip rather than the side (lateral) or back (posterior). The traditional approach requires a significant disturbance of the joint and connecting tissues and an incision approximately 8-12 inches long. In comparison, the direct anterior approach requires an incision that is only 3-4 inches in length.

Dr. Zehr utilizes a special operating table to position the patient’s leg allowing easier access for the surgeon through the smaller incision. The muscles are simply pushed aside to reach the hip joint, instead of being cut. With the leg properly positioned by this special table, the implant procedure can be guided by a fluoroscopic x-ray, so the new hip is placed accurately. The procedure takes about 90 minutes. Patients are up walking within a few hours of surgery; their hospital stay is usually only 2 days. Frequently Tylenol is all the medication they need for the post-operative pain.

“This is truly a revolutionary advance in the field of hip replacement surgery and the results in our patients have been nothing short of amazing,” said Zehr.

For more information on the direct anterior approach to hip surgery visit www.zehrcenter.com.

About Dr. Robert J. Zehr: Robert J. Zehr, MD is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon and the founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics, a private orthopedic surgery practice located in Naples, FL. He specializes in hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery, complex revision joint surgery, shoulder reconstruction, arthroscopy and skeletal tumor and trauma reconstruction. He is experienced in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement and is also skilled in the custom aligned total knee replacement techniques. Dr. Zehr has over 20 years of orthopaedic experience in complex joint reconstruction and rehabilitation.

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