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Signature Knee Replacement at the Zehr Center in Florida

No surprise to you — you are unique! Your knee is unique only to you. Wouldn’t it be just great if somehow a knee replacement could be designed specifically for your knee, as personal as your signature? An implant that aligns to the exact angle that your knee was born to follow from your hip to your ankle? An implant that matches the rotation that your knee tracks along naturally, rather than one that is “slightly off”? With the Signatureâ„¢ Personalized Patient Care knee it can be.

Successful Signature Knee Surgery

A very specific three-dimensional image of your knee can now be created by computer assimilated MRI images of your hip, knee and ankle from which preoperative planning of your Signature™ knee replacement can be performed long before coming to the operating room. Additionally, a proprietary system utilizes these MRI images to construct personalized femoral and tibial positioning guides which are then used in the actual Signature™ knee surgery. During Signature™ knee surgery these personalized guides fit over your femur and your tibia and direct the surgeon to make properly aligned bone resections which provide for exact positioning of the implants onto your bone. This precise attention to the positioning of your implants gives you the best match up of the natural flexion and extension as well as the natural rotation of your original knee – thus personalized and customized just for you.

When youre ready for a personalized  Signature™ knee replacement.

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