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Happy to return to the activities they enjoy – without pain – our patients speak highly of their experiences with the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics, leaving words of gratitude and encouragement on several rating websites and sending in photos and testimonials from all over the world. Want to share your testimony? Email us. If you include a photo, we’ll include you in our “Wall of Fame.”

Dr. Zehr is the most efficient, effective, and personable doctor and surgeon. He replaced my right hip in early July. I have had the most amazing results. I had tremendous back and hip pain prior to surgery. I am pain free as of the day after surgery. I travel extensively and feel so much stronger and energetic than I have in years. His staff is courteous and professional and his office is welcoming and comforting. I highly recommend Dr. Zehr. He is the only choice!

-Joseph DuMouchelle

I had a total hip replacement 8 weeks ago. Dr. Zehr’s “anterior approach” worked very well for me, resulting in little post-op discomfort and a fast recovery. Also, the well organized management of the recovery process by his team was excellent. Thanks to Dr. Zehr’s expertise and his team I now can swim, walk, play golf and hit tennis balls pain-free. It’s also important to do your hip exercises every day!

-Patient via ratemds.com

In Sea Isle City, NJ enjoying the beach without the pain of my knee. Thanks to Dr. Zehr and his wonderful team, my new knee has given me freedom of motion I haven’t experienced in awhile. Thank you.

-Judith M Brandt

Dr. Zehr is my orthopedist for life!!!!

I was very pleased with my two visits to Dr. Zehr’s office. His staff was very friendly and helpful and put me at ease. Dr. Zehr took a very conservative approach with me regards my frayed meniscus. Rather than recommending surgery, as a previous orthopedist did, he employed non-invasive techniques. I am completely pain free.

-Patient via vitals.com

Thank you to everyone involved with my husband’s total hip replacement surgery! From Dr. Zehr, to his staff, to all at Landmark Hospital in Naples and his home healthcare PT Carmen and his nurse Kate! This truly was the best experience. My husband not only walked 1 hr after recovery, he walked the entire corridor of his hospital floor! He was home the day after surgery and with continued PT he’s as good as new and even better! I thank each and every one of you! Highly recommended to anyone in need of hip surgery!

-Kalliopi Paleologos Alvarez via Facebook

Dr. Zehr did my left hip 3 years ago & it was such a positive surgery experience. Very little pain and back golfing within a few weeks. So when I needed my right hip done I went back to Dr. Zehr. This time was EVEN BETTER!! The anterior approach is the best & he is the best at it in my opinion. I was walking without a walker or cane the next day and I went back to my regular golf game 10 days after the surgery. This is crazy and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Zehr and his staff.

-Skipp Tutor via vitals.com

Really impressed by Dr. Zehr and his staff. We tell everyone we know what a great orthopedic surgeon he is and what he has done for my husband. Skipp just had his second hip replacement done by Dr. Zehr. His left was done 3 years ago and was a great experience with quick healing…11 days ago he had his right hip done by Dr. Zehr AND was golfing with his buddies yesterday!! It is nothing short of amazing. The anterior approach & Dr. Zehr’s expertise is THE BEST. He & his staff rock!

-Valerie Tutor via healthgrades.com

I just started enjoying yoga sessions at the Naples YMCA. As we were in the various contortions today, I kept thinking, “Thank you, Dr. Zehr, for replacing my hip last year with your minimally invasive approach.” There is NO WAY I could twist and turn my hip with these poses if I had gone to a doctor other than Dr. Zehr! Same for my husband, next to me in the class, with his partial knee replacement by Dr. Zehr. The Zehr Ortho team has enabled us to enjoy many of life’s pleasures again.

-Sheryl Howell Hilburn via Facebook

I am a 73-year-old tennis player and I needed a hip replacement to be able to keep playing. Dr. Zehr and his team are true professionals. They walk you through each step of the process and give you a three ring binder with the details for the pre-op, operation, and post-op information you need for the meds, hospital, preparation, and physical therapy.  Dr. Zehr uses the latest technology and equipment and is a perfectionist. I am not just saying that, the nurses and physical therapist who took care of me after the operation also gave that feedback. Without any reservation, I would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone needing a hip operation. He and his staff are outstanding!

-Patient via vitals.com

First hip replacement went very well 7 years ago…second replacement even better, amazingly fast painless recovery!

-Patient via vitals.com

Efficient, thorough, perfectionist, outstanding.

-Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I just love my new hip!! My hip is twenty-three days old and just about as good as my natural hip, before the osteoarthritis destroyed it. I marvel at the fact that I am now walking, without pain, tall and straight. And looking forward to getting back to Bickram yoga and all I did before the deterioration set in. The whole Zehr team excels in everything they do. And a well run organization, ten stars in my book. Dr. Zehr makes sure his protocol is followed to the letter, for your benefit.

-Mary Pitzi via healthgrades.com

Dr. Robert Zehr is one of the most caring people I know.

-Danielle Byers via LinkedIn.com

I was an avid cyclist. The arthritis in my right knee was unbearable. Before meeting Dr. Zehr, I’d gone to 4 different orthopedic doctors. I had 3 surgeries on my knees. I had many cortisone shots. The doctors were telling me I needed a total knee replacement. I finally got in to see Dr. Zehr after reading his reviews on the internet. He said I was an excellent candidate for a partial knee replacement (which I had never heard of)! I just knew from the very first day that I could trust this doctor. He and his staff are amazing, organized and friendly. I had a PKR in March. Two weeks later, I had full range of motion and I slowly began cycling again. After 6 weeks, my right knee was amazing thanks to Dr. Zehr! I am cycling 5 days a week. I can walk and even run without pain! The Zehr Center has changed my life. I retired to ride and thanks to Dr. Zehr, I am riding strong and I am riding fast! When I’m not cycling, I’m in the gym.

-Patient via vitals.com

Great result. Amazing attention to detail!

-Patient via vitals.com

Great experience on hip replacement- very professional and understanding!

-Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Robert Zehr is a top-notch Orthopedic Surgeon!!

-Patient via ratemds.com

Highly recommend! They are very organized and experienced – my hip replacement went very smoothly!

-Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr and his staff were meticulous in their care. Couldn’t be happier with my full knee replacement by Dr. Zehr and his great staff at the beautiful Seaside Surgery Center in Naples, FL

-Patient via healthgrades.com

Dr. Zehr is the most humble person we have ever met! On our first visit, he was very careful to evaluate my wife’s groin pain. So, he sent us to see a pain management specialist and to try other treatment, to make sure that the pain did not come from another source. After five different kinds of doctors and treatments, five X-rays, three MRIs; two cortisone shots nothing worked, or helped! The last doctor we saw referred us to another orthopedic doctor, but we surely wanted Dr. Zehr to do the surgery! We are glad we did.

-Patsy Ayotte via healthgrades.com

My experience was amazing. Total hip replacement and went exactly as told. Can’t believe such a major procedure could produce such an easy experience. Well done!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I was given a three ring binder at the beginning. I read it and followed it. Everything went exactly as told. I am amazed that a total hip replacement can be so easy considering how intricate it is. One of the nice items is that Dr. Zehr performs the procedure. Not an assistant. I am extremely pleased with him and his organization.

Mike Nolen via healthgrades.com

I highly recommend him to friends, family and compatriots looking for competent, friendly, courteous frontal approach total hip replacement. His experience is next to none, + 1300 surgeries as of start of 2017. His explanations, bedside manners, and documentation are some of his strengths. His office support team and clinical surgery team are efficient, courteous and thorough! The nearly double cost of the procedure compared to the one available in the Canadian private system was well worth it!

Alain Brosseau via healthgrades.com

Great doctor! Amazing surgery! Incredible result! Three days post total hip replacement, I was off narcotic pain meds. Four days post-op I was walking unassisted. One week after surgery, I was driving and walking my dog about 2 tenths of a mile each day. Any pain from the surgery was minimal compared to the arthritis pain before the surgery!

Patient via vitals.com

Awesome Doctor and staff. My consultation and evaluation was excellent. Dr. Zehr’s staff put me at ease immediately. Dr. Zehr listened, diagnosed my hip pain, and treated it successfully.

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr was very friendly; he explained the procedure to me. Dr. Zehr did not rush me at the time of visit to schedule the surgery. He informed me to talk to your family and decide what was the plan. My plan was to have surgery and I am having a very good outcome. As for bedside manners it’s 110%.

Patient via vitals.com

Very professional staff; highly qualified and compassionate doctor

Patient via vitals.com

When I went to Dr. Zehr for help, my hip was so painful I was socially isolated and unable to do any of the activities I’d enjoyed before. He replaced my left hip using the anterior approach. Within a few days, I needed no pain medications. Within 6 days, no more cane or walker. Within 4 weeks, I was back to walking, golfing and dancing. His friendly, professional team are the best. I cannot thank them enough.

Patient via vitals.com

The overall process was so controlled and understood ahead of time that great results were inevitable. The key for me was the therapy plan after surgery. The 6 day a week in-home therapy, in my opinion, was the reason for such quick recovery of the hip replacement. In two months able to do everything: biking, golf and tennis for a 73 year old guy!

Patient via vitals.com

Excellent all around, doctor, experience, credentials, documentation and explanations, bed side manners, pre and post care, staff, follow through. Even at nearly twice the price for an equivalent private surgery in Canada, it was well worth having my total hip replacement done in Florida. Thank you Doctor Zehr and team!

Alain Brosseau

I had a hip replacement over 7 years ago and needed to have a second one this year. The difference between my experience the first time and with Dr Zehr doing the surgery was like night and day. The healing process was much faster right from the start. I would highly recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone who needs this surgery.

Patient via ratemds.com

Fantastic. Dr. Zehr examined my hip and X-rays. His evaluation — surgery not necessary. He gave me a shot for bursitis and sent me on my way.

Patient via ratemds.com

Awesome doctor and staff. My consultation and evaluation was excellent. Dr. Zehr’s staff put me at ease immediately. Dr. Zehr listened, diagnosed my hip pain, and treated it successfully.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr and his entire staff are competent, caring, and responsive. Their system for a hip replacement is efficient and very organized. Their communication answers all questions about the procedure. The entire experience from first meeting to being released was as painless as the recovery. Do read and follow their guidebook.

Patient via ratemds.com

I had excellent results from my hip replacement surgery. I emphasize that you and spouse follow his “Hip Replacement Guide Book” for same results.

Patient via ratemds.com

What a great professional team! Thank you to all of them and to Dr. Zehr in particular. He replaced my left hip using an anterior approach. I no longer needed a cane within a week and was golfing again a month after surgery. Amazing!

Patient via ratemds.com

very thorough, professional with a very dedicated to patients staff

Patient via ratemds.com

Before Dr. Zehr replaced my hip, I was unable to golf or bowl or even walk my dog. He replaced my hip using the anterior approach. Within 6 days of surgery, I retired my walker and cane to the garage. Within 8 days, I could walk my dog around the block. I was golfing and bowling within 4 weeks, and am currently signed up for pickle ball lessons. I can dance again. I had only slight pain the first week after surgery. Dr. Zehr gave me a life again. I’ll be forever grateful.

Patient via ratemds.com

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Zehr, who performs total hip replacement using the “Direct Anterior Approach.” With this technique, there are no restrictions to be followed after surgery by the patient. I was walking totally unassisted within 4 days. Pain was minimal – easily handled with OTC Tylenol. I can cross my legs at the hip; get into and out of the car without pain; pick things up off the floor; and walk my dog. At 72 years old, I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Patient via healthgrades.com

Dr. Zehr and his entire staff are competent, caring, and responsive. Their system for a hip replacement is efficient and very organized. Their communication answers all questions about the procedure. The entire experience from first meeting to being released was as painless as the recovery.

Phyllis S. via healthgrades.com

knowledgeable, kind, professional, thorough

Mike S. via healthgrades.com

I had excellent results from my hip replacement surgery. I recommend that you and spouse carefully review his “Hip Replacement Guide Book” for similar results. I am having my other hip replaced by Dr. Zehr in 6 months.

Robert S. via healthgrades.com

The overall process was so controlled and understood ahead of time that great results were inevitable. The key for me was the therapy plan after surgery. Especially the 6 day a week in-home therapy, in my opinion, was the reason for such quick recovery of the hip replacement. In two months able to do everything: biking, golf and tennis for a 73 year-old guy!

Andy via healthgrades.com

Extremely competent surgeon with excellent staff and clinic. Totally satisfied with doctor competence, experience, explanations, documentation, pre- and post-surgery care and follow through, bedside manners. Highly recommended for hip replacement.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr and his entire staff are competent, caring, and responsive. Their system for a hip replacement is efficient and very organized. Their communication answers all questions about the procedure. Highly recommended.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

The overall process was so controlled and understood ahead of time that great results were inevitable. The key for me was the therapy plan after surgery. Especially the 6 day a week in-home therapy, in my opinion, was the reason for such quick recovery of the hip replacement. In two months able to do everything: biking, golf and tennis for a 73 year-old guy!

Andy Wojdula

Dr. Robert Zehr did both of my hips within 6 months. Both times I did not need a cane after 6 days. I was pain free and able to go hiking after 5 1/2 weeks! My surgery was the anterior approach. I highly recommend Dr. Zehr and his team. They are fantastic!!

Patient via ratemds.com

The most informed, intelligent, rational orthopedic surgeon I have seen. And I have seen many. Most want to inject you with stuff that does nothing but costs a lot. Many want to replace your knee. This doctor says inject with cortisone every three months as long as it works. Don’t have surgery until a last resort. I have the utmost respect for this doctor that came from Cleveland Clinic. And when Cortisone no longer works he will be the guy who will do my surgery.

John via vitals.com

Had anterior hip replacement as out-patient at Seaside Surgery Center. Avoided all the potential side-effects of a hospital stay, and was walking without a walker or cane in 4 days. Pain that nagged at me pre-surgery is long gone, and now at 6 weeks I am fully back to yoga, golf, biking and a full life of fitness and fun.

Robert L. via healthgrades.com

I am so thankful I was referred to Dr. Zehr by a neighbor. Words cannot describe what a wonderful experience having him perform my total hip replacement was. Thank you, Dr. Zehr, you gave me my life back. Never having any major surgery before in my life, I was quite apprehensive. The office staff and the hospital staff were outstanding in relieving all of that. 5 STARS + TO ALL.

Randy Bush

So glad my GP referred me to Dr. Zehr. I was pretty sure my hip was a mess and I’d be seeing the end of a scalpel in my future, but that wasn’t the case. After more than a year of living with pain and discomfort Dr. Zehr quickly isolated the cause of my discomfort and one needle and one day later I’m a happy camper. Thanks Dr Zehr and to all your staff who just seem to really enjoy working in your office.

Bob S. via vitals.com

From pre-surgery, to post surgery, he is the best. I could not have asked for a faster, more complete healing process. I had anterior approach hip replacement and cannot remember feeling this good.

Patient via ratemds.com

Needed a total knee replacement of my right leg. Felt comfortable 5 minutes after meeting the Doctor. Sugery was outpatient and couldn’t have gone better. Success. Love this DR!!

Patient via ratemds.com

The pre-surgical information provided is outstanding. Totally prepares you for a scary sounding surgery. I was out of the hospital the day after surgery, and climbing stairs in my 2-story condo. The method Dr. Zehr used left me in better shape than I have been for years. I took a trip only 4 months after hip replacement and I didn’t have even a hint of a limp. Range of motion is better than I can remember! I would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone that I care about.

Karen Harrison

Great Physician!! And all of the people associated with the Good Doctor were phenomenal. From day 1 to my last appt. last week, it felt GOOD to go see him.

Mark Hogle

If you are considering a hip replacement, it should be the anterior approach. Dr. Zehr is highly experienced in this precise hip replacement. His team from the office staff to the OR team all work together & you are well aware that you are in good hands. Your Guide Book given to you prior to surgery prepares you for pre-op, post-op, physical therapy and answers many questions you may have. I am grateful for my new hip! Thank you Dr. Zehr & team!

Fatima D.

The expertise exhibited and friendliness of Dr. Zehr and his entire staff bolstered my confidence throughout the preparation and recovery period. The BOOK provided to us is written in terms that spelled out everything required before and after surgery. Based on my positive experience, have recommended 2 people in which both had surgeries with excellent results.

Ronald Rist

It’s hard to believe that a hip replacement could be an enjoyable experience, but it sure was. No pain and the best care and attention that could be provided. Thank you Dr. Zehr & Staff.

Tim via healthgrades.com

The whole experience was great from the beginning to the last appointment. I recommend him to everyone who asks me about my hip.

Cindy R. via healthgrades.com

Dr. Zehr and his staff are friendly, professional and helpful. Questions and concerns were addressed in timely manner. I had great results after hip replacement, doing well within a few weeks!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr is fantastic, as is his total staff. Had anterior hip replacement, home 2nd day, walking up 13 stairs, no pain, should have done it 2 years ago.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr’s staff is friendly, professional, and always helpful with questions and concerns. Dr. Zehr spent time going over procedure I was having, answering questions. Very thorough with what to expect before, during and after surgery. I’m doing great after hip replacement!

Renee Redfern

Dr. Zehr and staff fantastic. Anterior hip replacement, back to playing golf in 6 weeks, 81 years old!

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr and staff friendly and professional. Very happy with my care post hip replacement.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dennis_FerrazzanoDr. Zehr,

A few pics from my recent snow goose hunting weekend in Southern Illinois with my son, brother-in-law Bert Rehberg (whose knee you replaced a few years ago), my nephew and a friend. Six weeks after my full knee replacement.

Best regards,

Dennis Ferrazzano

Jerry_MalanychDr. Zehr,

When I first found out that I would need a total hip replacement, I was in denial…then I felt hopeless. It seemed that my chance of seeing the world was over. However, you assured me I would be back to normal in not time.

I made a promise to myself in the hospital that, if I was able to walk normal again, I would do all the things I had always dreamed of. Well, since surgery, I have climbed the pyramids of Egypt and I walked the 220 steps to the top of The Christ Redeemer Statue in Brazil.

I can’t thank you enough for your amazing skills and your commitment to my recovery. I am working out pain free and feel absolutely no restrictions or pain in my hip.

Again, thanks,
Jerry L. Malanych

Kitty Laffitte
This picture of me was taken eight days after my hip replacement by Dr. Zehr.
I am a hair stylist. His technique is by far the only way to go. Absolutely no pain.
I would hope anyone who needs this surgery calls Dr. Zehr. He is a miracle!

Kitty Laffitte

I needed a knee replacement. He took time, patience to explain the entire process. Showed me the inside of my knee and what the photos indicated and what could be done about the defects in my knee. I was up and walking the next morning after the surgery and have not stopped walking since. the PT after was very good and helped me reach my full range of motion. There was virtually no pain. I only took three of the pain pills. My new knee is now my strong knee. I fully recommend him and his staff to anyone contemplating knee surgery.

Ray Perez via Google

We are blessed with tremendous medical care in Naples, Dr. Zehr and staff is at the very top. From start to finish you could not find a more professional team. I was amazed with my hip replacement results. Back to a pain free active lifestyle.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

The entire surgical experience, from the initial visit to the day of surgery and post-op check up, has been nothing but an extremely easy, pain-free and a fast recovery experience. I have nothing but praise for the professionalism and friendliness of the staff as well, and will recommend anyone I encounter who needs hip or knee surgery to the Zehr Center. Wonderful experience, thank you.

Barbara Perino

Hip replaced; up walking four hours after surgery without any pain! Walking quarter of a mile four times a day without walker or cane two days after surgery! No pain! I could not be more pleased.

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr is the best! The staff is also the best! Need a doctor? Dr. Zehr is the one!

Patient via vitals.com

Outstanding outcome. Couldn’t rate Dr. Zehr higher!

Patient via ratemds.com

I had both knees replaced at the same time. It’s been 1 year and many days I’ll walk 6-7 miles with golf included. I have no pain at all and walk without a limp for the first time in years. Dr. Zehr did a great job and always made you feel like you were important and took the time to talk to you and explain things clearly.

John Reyen

This was my second surgery by Dr. Zehr and the experience was just as great as the last time. Five years ago, I had a hip replacement done by him and this time I had a knee replacement. The result of both surgeries could not have been any better!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I came from my home in Panama to be treated by Dr. Zehr and his wonderful staff. He replaced my left hip this time, again with minimal pain and fast recovery. His successful replacement of my right hip 5 years ago proved to me he knew his stuff.

Cliff Silverstein

Had my hip replaced by Dr. Zehr. It went very well, he and his staff are exceptional to deal with.

Peggy via vitals.com

I had a total hip replacement. Dr. Zehr’s “anterior approach” worked well for me, resulting in little post-op discomfort and a fast recovery. Also, the well organized management of the recovery process by his team was excellent. Thanks to Dr. Zehr’s expertise and his team I now can walk and exercise pain-free.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr is a wonderful surgeon. I had a total hip replacement and his “anterior approach” worked well resulting in little post-op discomfort and a fast recovery. Also, his professional staff’s management of the recovery process was excellent.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I’m walking and moving pain free now with my total knee replacement. I feel more confident in riding my bike and walking up and down steps, and dancing without the knee giving out.

Donna Brockway

Six weeks ago I could barely walk. I am a new person. A titanium leg is certainly better.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Easy to be in the care of a thorough professional and his staff. Could find no fault with the entire experience.

Patient via vitals.com

I would recommend the Zehr Center. They provide a detailed notebook explaining everything needed to prepare you for surgery. Dr. Zehr has impressive credentials, and he explained all X-rays and answered all questions.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr and his team exceeded my expectations every step of the way from the initial exam to post-operative visit. I could not be happier with my decision to drive from Miami to Naples to see Dr. Zehr. Six weeks after total hip replacement surgery, I am able to hike, play handball and do everything else that I want to do. I will be 72 tomorrow and I feel like I’m 40. I did a lot of research to find the right surgeon and I found him – Dr. Zehr. Totally happy and satisfied patient.

George Wilson

I found Dr. Zehr when I researching surgeons to do a total hip replacement for me. I drove 128 miles from Miami to Naples to see him. He replaced my right hip and 6 weeks later I can play handball and all other normal activities.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Exceptional from start to finish!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr replaced my hip. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered and was back to my usual routine in no time. I was able to chip and putt after several weeks and play tennis after 6 weeks.

Patient via vitals.com

Exceptional from start to finish. Very thorough explanation of what to expect and extremely detailed instructions.

Roger Gifford


Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had a total hip replacement. After limping around in pain for over 2 years, my wife found Dr. Zehr and his team. He was highly recommended by folks in our community. Dr. Zehr’s anterior approach had me back to normal in 6 weeks with no limitations.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Thrilled with my arthroscopic surgery with Dr. Zehr. Dr. Zehr is always professional and gives great explanations concerning your problem and how the surgery will repair the problem. Lovely staff, too.

Susan Howell

Excellent care, staff was friendly and very informative and punctual.

Patient via ratemds.com

I had a total hip replacement. My entire experience was outstanding and amazing. I could not be more pleased with my outcome. After limping around for 2 plus years, Dr. Zehr and his team were able to return me to a normal life which includes golf, biking and distance walking in 6 weeks. Dr. Zehr’s anterior hip replacement approach made my recovery period so much faster than I could have hope for.

Thomas Gorski

I had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Zehr and his team. I had been limping around for more than 2 years and Dr. Zehr was able to get me back to a normal life in 6 weeks. My physical therapist says it’s the direct anterior approach and that Dr. Zehr’s skill makes their job easier!

Patient via ratemds.com

Three months ago, I had my second anterior hip replacement with Dr. Zehr. It seemed more successful than the first he did two years ago, as I only stayed in the hospital overnight, got rid of the cane a day later and put away the walker within a few more days. His advice (in the well-written manual given to all patients their first visit) also works: “walk, walk, walk, PT and get off the pain medicine as soon a possible.” I started walking the first day in the hospital through many corridors and got rid of the meds the following day–had a great therapist (Dr. Michael Kris). I returned to road biking within a couple weeks but waited to drive the golf ball at least six to seven weeks, which probably was not necessary as twisting was not a problem. Thank you, Dr. Zehr: you and your staff are the very best!

Patient via ratemds.com

Eight weeks post-op, and I am back to my normal, active life. I have no knee pain for the first time in more than 2 years! Thanks, Dr. Z!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I have a new knee and my busy, active life back!

Jill Ducatman

Dr. Zehr is the doctor’s doctor for total hip and knee replacements. I had excellent results from my total knee procedure.

Patient via ratemds.com

The initial phone call to schedule an appointment was professional and pleasant. Once in the office, every staff member with whom there was contact made for an equally positive experience. Dr. Zehr had answers for all questions, explained the diagnosis well and treatment began as preferred, with an injection to the knee, as opposed to discussing surgery. The staff and the doctor were courteous and professional on all counts – a role model for any office.

Patient via vitals.com

This hip replacement, being my second, far exceeds my first. The first hip replacement, NOT performed by Dr. Zehr, was more painful and took longer to heal. (Posterior approach) I would highly recommend Dr. Zehr and his staff.

Patient via ratemds.com

A positive experience from the first phone call through the scheduled appointment. The staff is outstanding and the doctor is very impressive. He was attentive, answered every question completely and made sure it was understood. What could have been stressful was not in the least. Yes, Dr. Zehr and his staff definitely rate five stars.

Patient via ratemds.com

My experience with Dr. Zehr was very positive. After talking to Dr. Zehr I felt confident that he was the right Doctor and the anterior approach was right for me. My surgery was on May 12, 2015. I recovered quickly and I am happy with the results.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I found Dr. Zehr to be very impressive, professionally competent and a good listener. His professional qualifications and resume are beyond reproach. More important, I feel better and my lifestyle has improved due to his recent medical intervention.

Thomas J. MacAleer III

I whole-hardheartedly recommend Dr. Zehr. He replaced both of my knees one year ago and I have never felt so good! I was out pitching and putting within 4 weeks of the surgery. He is second to none! Office staff is wonderful as well

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

At the upper right hand corner of Dr. Zehr’s letterhead it says, “…because living with pain isn’t really living!” So true. Before Dr. Zehr replaced BOTH of my knees in July 2014, that quote was a real part of my existence. When my husband would say, “Let’s go to Costco,” my heart would sink. I knew walking from the parking lot into the store and doing the shopping once inside was going to be so painful. Living in a golf community of retired, but very active people, I surveyed several friends for a recommendation for an ortho doctor. Dr. Zehr’s name was the one name I heard over and over and over again. Others were mentioned, but their reviews were not as positive as Dr. Zehr’s was. I visited Dr. Zehr’s office and he evaluated my knees, looked at the x-rays and then looked at me and said, “This did not happen yesterday.” No, it did not, it had been at least 15 years. (Did I mention I was 60 when I had the operation? Younger than most, but still the pain was excruciating!) Dr. Zehr, his office staff, his nurse Carla, his PA-C Christiane, and his x-ray technician work together like a well-greased machine. I had many questions in the weeks leading up to the operation and everyone was so helpful. I would call the office and they were on top of everything and always had time for me! Four weeks after surgery I was out pitching and putting on the golf course. Feeling better than ever! Now, one year later, I still am amazed I can walk the mall and not feel any pain! My husband and I are planning a vacation that will entail a lot of walking and I am not thinking twice about it. My operation was July 8, 2014. Today, July 9, 2015, I went for my one-year checkup. Everything is fine. I feel fantastic. When Dr. Zehr said, “I’ll see you in 5 years,” I felt sad, believe it or not! I whole-hardheartedly recommend Dr. Zehr if you need a knee or hip replacement (many of our friends have had him replace their hips). You will not be sorry “…because living with pain isn’t really living!” Ask me, I know!!!

Leslee B. Loeffel

I was very pleased with my hip replacement performed by Dr. Zehr.

Judy O’Connor

Extremely professional doctor and staff. I had hip replacement in February and did so well that I traveled back to Naples from my home in Virginia to have the other hip replaced in June. I have recovered very, very well. I have been treated with the utmost respect. This doctor and his entire practice leave you with all your questions answered. I highly recommend Dr. Zehr and his staff.

Jim Neighbors

I had both hips replaced — one in February and one in June. I traveled back to Naples for the 2nd one because my experience with Dr. Zehr and staff was so positive. I live in Va. They rate an A+ in my book for professionalism.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Very well managed practice

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Left the hospital the day after hip replacement surgery and only used a cane for a few days after that. The difference between recoveries from anterior vs. posterior was amazing!

Patient via vitals.com

I was referred to Dr. Zehr after a friend had both of his hips replaced by the Zehr team. I am still amazed with the speedy recovery from my anterior hip replacement. The Zehr team is thorough in educating each patient in advance; the entire staff has a professional yet friendly bedside manner coupled with a positive attitude toward the patient’s active role in the surgery. The experience exceeded my high expectations! I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Robert Zehr, Christiane Riella, and the entire team. I look forward to referring others to the Zehr team.

Sheryl Hilburn

The entire Zehr team is professional, friendly, and thorough in explaining each detail of the pre and post surgery experience. I had high expectations going in to the anterior hip replacement and they managed to exceed what I expected!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Terrific results…outstanding surgeon

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Three doctors, 18 months of pain, six months of it on a cane, fear. Finally received the recommendation for Dr. Zehr. From the minute you walk into the center and throughout surgery and follow up, the entire team provides extraordinary care.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Absolutely terrific experience from my first visit, at which, incidentally, Dr. Zehr suggested my back may be a bigger problem than my hip. He sent me for tests, which indicated that there was no issue with my back, but confirmed that the issue was with my hip. I put surgery off for over a year after this initial evaluation, but got to the point where my hip was impacting my ability to golf and exercise. I decided to proceed with surgery. This is the second hip I have replaced. The first one was via the posterior method, versus Dr. Zehr’s method of the anterior approach. I was walking hours post surgery, off pain meds in five days, and doing virtually anything I wanted to do well within the six weeks before my final evaluation. Bottom line – Dr. Zehr and Staff are great…anterior approach with a great Dr. six weeks versus three months posterior approach.

Peter J. Karas

Dr. Zehr and his staff are the real deal. I researched for quite a while to find the right hip doctor and he and his organization fulfilled every expectation. The best part is, I can walk again without pain and that is such a huge relief.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I was up walking the same day of surgery (using a walker or a cane). By the end of one week, I was using neither. I have had no issues and am pain free, including being able to sleep through the night!

Roger Cloyd

Dr. Zehr and his staff are the real deal. I researched for quite a while to find the right hip doctor and him and his organization fulfilled every expectation. The best part is, I can walk again without pain and that is such a huge relief. From the office staff, to the hospital to the physical therapists, every situation was a very positive experience. Recovery is much shorter with Dr. Zehr’s anterior method and fun listening to friends be amazed at my progress. I can highly recommend Dr. Zehr for hip replacement surgery.

Natalie Pittenger

Complete trust, this man and staff know what they are doing!!!

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr and his staff are the most professional providers I have ever seen. Every question and concern was answered in advance of surgery. He does the most complete prep I have ever experienced. He is #1 in the industry!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

If knee surgery could be considered pleasant, Dr. and staff made it as pleasant as possible. After 5 weeks, I was fishing on our 21-foot center console and even hooked a tarpon. Wish my right knee felt as good. That will be next.

Fred Amerspek

At my age, 89, Dr. Zehr did a new right knee for me. Needless to say, I was somewhat afraid because of my age and health. I had utmost confidence in Dr. Zehr and the resulting surgery and therapy did the positive trick for me with positive results. His positive surgical skills and follow through are top drawer. And at my age, 96, we enjoy seeing him annually. My new knee is perfect. Thanks, Dr. Zehr.

Patient via ratemds.com

At my age, 89, Dr. Zehr did a new right knee for me. Needless to say, I was somewhat afraid because of my age and health. I had utmost confidence in Dr. Zehr and the resulting surgery and therapy did the positive trick for me with positive results. His positive surgical skills and follow through are top drawer. And at my age, 96, we enjoy seeing him annually. My new knee is perfect. Thanks, Dr. Zehr.

Patient via ratemds.com

I rate him #1 Plus for professionalism, service and ability!

Harry P. Gowan

I had some issues with pain in my shoulders. Having lived up north for 50 plus years and enduring the cold winter temperatures, this condition seemed to plague me every year since I was about 25 years old. A trip to the ortho guy, a few injections and I was good for another year. Having moved to Florida and the warm climate I thought I was all done with that however, I was not…..UHG!! Dr. Zehr was a great guy, listened to all my complaints, made a decision as to proceed, explained all my options and finally did some injections. Everything went very well, took care of the pain, and I would definitely recommend him. He wasn’t the “see all the patients I can in an hour” kind of guy! He took his time listening and treating me, as one would expect!

Dennis via vitals.com

Friendly, courteous staff. Well organized office that was respectful of my time

Patient via ratemds.com

I had a total hip replacement by the anterior approach. Totally surprised by the level of success – very little pain, walking unassisted in 4 days and playing golf in just under 4 weeks. Dr. Zehr and his staff are very well organized.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

My experience with Dr. Zehr and his well-qualified staff was extraordinary. Everything they explained about the hip replacement happened. I am so pleased to have had Dr. Zehr as my surgeon. Thank you to him and his staff.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Very efficient staff. They put me back in the action!! Excellent service, medical attention and staff.

Patient via ratemds.com

My wife & I walked a distance of 2 miles daily. A few years ago, I began developing a problem with my right hip, which over a period of time began limiting my activities around the house, and in particular restricting our daily walking routine. Approaching the age of 84, I was very reluctant in having to endure any type of operations being performed on myself. I discussed my problem with many friends and family members, some of whom experienced hip replacements of their own, and in spite of some complications they reported, I nevertheless pondered whether I should chance an operation or not. Fortunately, in today’s time we are blessed with the age of computers. I took it upon myself to research as much information as possible on the computer about hip replacement methods, and was fortunate enough to find some sites showing hip operation videos. I discovered there were two types of operation, anterior and posterior, both of which were somewhat appalling to some of my family members when viewing the videos. During this time, I was also under surveillance by the VA clinic here in Ft. Myers and soliciting their thoughts on having an operation or not.

As my walking abilities deteriorated, I finally made a decision to having an operation performed, and preferably the anterior approach method. The VA had already informed me that should I decide upon having an operation performed that the most important aspect would be that of finding a good reliable and experienced doctor for doing the operation. I then proceeded in researching the various doctors and clinics in the Ft. Myers area. Although I found very few doctors in this area performing the anterior approach, I then began researching my summer retreat area of Washington State. After researching all the doctors and clinics available to me and reading the many reviews both positive and negative concerning them, I discovered that Dr. Robert Zehr stood out head and shoulder above all others, and finally decided upon contacting him for the operation.

From the very beginning to the end, I experienced nothing but the greatest of care and concern from everyone throughout from the initial visit, to and through the operation, as well as the postoperative care. I am happy to report that as of today, almost a year since my operation on 30 April 2014, I am able to walk and do all activities without restrictions of any kind. The one and only after-effect I have experienced since the operation is a slight numbness and tingling sensation when touched with my hand in the thigh area just above my right knee. This possibility had been pointed out to me and discussed in detail by Dr. Zehr on my initial visit.

Finally, Dr. Zehr, thank you and your staff very much for making me whole once again.

Patient via ratemds.com

I don’t have enough positives to describe Dr. Zehr and his entire staff. From the first phone “hello” until the final post op “see you later”, I was treated with the utmost respect and was well educated for each step of my joint replacement surgery. Although dreaded, the surgery and recovery really were uneventful, and my activities were only curtailed for a couple of weeks. The function and comfort of my new hip is amazing, truly beyond my expectations. I’m back in my boats and scrambling for fish again—THANK YOU!

Dr. Jay Jones

From the first “hello” to last “see you later,” the doctor and entire staff provided excellent education, care, and follow up. I was treated with respect, my expectations were managed well, and I received a fantastic result.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr replaced my let knee 8 years ago and it has been great. I just got my right knee replaced and look forward to the same good result. He is a first-class surgeon.

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr has replaced 2 knees for me — the first 8 years ago, and the second 7 weeks ago. He is a first-class surgeon, and his staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The booklet he gives you telling what to expect before, during, and after surgery is an invaluable resource. In my pre-op physical it was recommended I get a heart scan, and Dr. Zehr’s office got me an immediate appointment so the knee surgery could continue as scheduled. Any questions I had were answered promptly and I felt cared for and valued. Although there are many joint replacement surgeons in Naples, I feel privileged that I chose Dr. Zehr and his team to take care of me, and I would totally recommend them. Because I had an outstanding surgeon and an excellent physical therapist (Mark Johnson of Naples Physical Therapy) I am well on my way to a full recovery.

Patient via ratemds.com

Excellent all around!

Deborah Huckins

Great staff from top to bottom. Surgery and recovery went better than could be expected. I ended up needing no prescription pain meds after surgery. After seeing my results two friends switched physicians to have their surgery done by Dr. Zehr.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr is top notched with this hip surgery. The procedure was done in a day, and I was home the following day. Take his recommendation, if the hip needs to be replaced, do it. Don’t procrastinate. The quicker you do it, the quicker you return to a less pain-filled life. The whole secret is to follow his directions, get off the pain medication and do physical therapy plus WALK.

Patient via ratemds.com

Very professional answer to all concern of procedure was excellent. Results so far are excellent!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr has done 2 knee replacements for me and I could not be more pleased. He is a first-rate surgeon & has a helpful and knowledgeable staff. He gives you a book that tells you what to expect before, during, & after surgery that is invaluable.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

The only addition I would add to his WONDERFUL guidebook is the caution to raise your legs above the heart post surgically to reduce swelling. Once I did that, everything got easier. Thanks for a great service beginning to end!

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr has a conservative approach, which is refreshing as I had a doctor up north tell me I need two hip replacements yesterday. I think he wanted a new airplane. Dr. Zehr is closely watching my hip and proceeding with caution.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Very satisfied. The results have exceeded my expectations, played Golf in six weeks, practiced in five.

Ron Kelly

I would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

A wonderful, warm and understanding Dr. I won’t see any other ortho but him!

Patient via vitals.com

I was walking without support one week after the surgery. Great surgeon, great staff.

Lou DeAmicis

Would highly recommend this surgeon. His staff is also very professional, friendly and helpful.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I hold Dr. Robert J. Zehr & his team in high regard. He is a true professional, Dr. Zehr knows his area of expertise and he executes. Everyone on his team from his office to the hospital were all so knowledgeable in explaining everything to me so I did not have hundreds of questions; and cheering me on to get up and get walking!! Having been in aviation for many years, I so appreciated his well-scripted binder/checklist with detailed information of what to do and what to expect before and after my total hip replacement. For the first time in four years I am pain free! Played 18 holes of golf the other day and broke 100!!! Thank you Dr. Zehr and your team of professionals, you are truly THE BEST!!!

Emmy Porter

can’t say enough about how GREAT the staff, facilities, processes and Dr. Zehr all worked together to replace both of my hips over a 3-month period. Everyone at the Zehr Center was helpful, the facility was great looking and spotless, and they led me through the whole process with an instruction binder and answering questions to the fullest.

They never balked at helping me in any way possible.

I interviewed 4 doctors and I chose Dr. Zehr and his staff. I am very pleased I did.

If you need orthopaedic treatment….this is place for results!!!!!

Patient via ratemds.com

Great doctor and very smart also.

Carol Gambla

I like Dr. Zehr immensely. He is straightforward and has a warm manner.

John via vitals.com

I received excellent care and would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone.

Dennis R. Mclean

On a scale from one to ten, I’d give Dr. Zehr and his staff an 11. I am pain-free and able to do whatever I want, thanks to their skill, professionalism and care.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Dr. Zehr and his staff an 11. As a result of their skill, professionalism and care, I am pain-free and able to be fully active again.

Patient via ratemds.com

On a scale from one to 10, I’d give Dr. Zehr and his staff an 11 for their competence, professionalism and care in treating me. I am delighted to be free of pain and fully active again.

Michael Vaughn

I am 59 years old and developed osteoarthritis in both hips due to sports, work and very active lifestyle. January 2011 I had my left hip replace in Ohio by a top orthopedic surgeon. For this surgery, the minimally invasive posterior approach was used. In June of 2013 we moved full time to Ft. Myers Florida. Needing my right hip replaced, I researched the minimally invasive anterior approach that has been developed since my left THR. This is what brought me to Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. November 2014 my right hip was replaced by Dr. Zehr and staff using the minimally invasive anterior approach. I now have a unique opportunity to compare the 2 approaches by 2 top notch surgeons. I was skeptical about the claims being made about the anterior approach because you are replacing a hip, by no means minor surgery. After surgery, I was up in 4 hours with a walker and walking full weight on both legs. I spent a total of 28 hours in the hospital and I was using a cane when it was time to go home. I could have walked out with the cane but hospital policy is wheelchair. I had my surgery on Nov. 25 and went off the cane 6 days after surgery. I walked in unassisted to my follow up appointment Dec. 4. It took 1 month with my left THR to get off the crutches/walker to full weight bearing and a few more months before I stopped using a cane. I had a prominent limp for 6 months and this time it was gone after a month. At 2 weeks, I was back riding my bicycle to the gym where I live and rehabbing on a spinner bike after 3 weeks. The best rehab is in a pool and as soon as the 3-inch incision closed, I was back in the water. At 6 weeks, I was where I was at 6 months with left THR. It has far surpassed my expectations. There is a vast difference between the 2 techniques and rehab time to get back to normal. I could go on but will end this by saying Dr. Zehr and staff is in a class of their own. With Dr. Zehr and the minimally invasive anterior approach, I am now at about 95% back to normal at 7 weeks. Post surgery pain was dramatically less and rapidly reduced. I did not use prescription blood thinners, only aspirin. Pain meds were discontinued after 2 weeks. No home PT or nursing care. The biggest key to successful joint replacement beyond the surgeon is support at home. My wife was so relieved with the difference this time and the help I needed at home. Our lives got back to normal very quickly. Thanks to Dr. Zehr and staff!!

Thomas Hammen

If my left hip ever needs to be replaced I would absolutely go to Doctor Zehr. He and his staff make it almost easy to correct what was a very painful right hip.

Patient via ratemds.com

On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Dr. Zehr and his staff an 11. Their competence, professionalism and care have resulted in my being pain-free and able to do things I couldn’t do before.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Could not be happier with my hip replacement surgery and recovery. The Zehr staff guided me very well through all stages, from diagnosis and surgery, and on to physical therapy. I would choose them again if the other hip kicked up.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I only wish I would have done it sooner.

Patient via vitals.com

Right hip replacement – results have been outstanding.

Patient via ratemds.com

Right hip replacement – surgery and recovery have gone very well!

Roger Cloyd

Very professional. Very knowledgeable. I am very satisfied.

Patient via ratemds.com

I had hip replacement surgery four months ago. Everything has worked out perfectly.

Tom Haviland

I was worried about the surgery, didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Zehr made it sound like a piece of cake? No worries. I thought… yah right… But he was a man of his word!! Best decision ever, putting my future into his hands! God bless!!!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I was walking that afternoon. From having my left hip done over 10 years ago and now the right side It’s like night and day.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I was very pleased with my results. I had a right hip replacement and from my initial consultation through my rehabilitation (currently at 8 weeks), everything has gone better than I could have expected.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

The entire office was pleasant and upbeat along with knowledgeable. Fantastic!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had a hip replacement. It was much less painful then I thought it would be. My recovery was fast and the results were great. Doctor, hospital and staff were all great. I am a totally different person.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr and staff are in a class of their own. Everything from pre-surgery education to post surgery care, they can’t be beat. In 6 days I was off the cane and walking with minimal pain. If you need a THR, I highly recommend Dr. Zehr.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I broke my hip when I was 18. It healed, but that was 23 years ago. Over the last 10 years, the pain in my hip has gotten to the point of unbearable. By last fall, I couldn’t walk 30 feet without extreme pain and the use of a cane. I had been to two other doctors who both said I was too young and too overweight for hip surgery, it’s hard not to be overweight when you can’t walk. I read an article about anterior approach hip surgery and then started to look for a doctor who had a lot of experience doing the procedure. I found Dr Zehr and was surprised how quickly I was able to get an appointment. I was very comfortable after meeting him and he scheduled surgery for several weeks later. The hospital was very nice and my surgery and recovery went very well. The pain was less than I expected, actually there was little to no pain in my hip, the majority of the pain was caused by the nerves and muscles that get moved around during the operation, but with lots of ice bags and some pain medication, it was really no big deal. I wouldn’t say that I’d look forward to getting another hip replacement but if I did have to, I wouldn’t dread it like the first time. There is no other doctor that I would go to other than Dr. Zehr and there is no other hospital that I would go to than Physicians Regional in Naples. It’s been 10 months and I am a brand new person. This past summer, only 4 months after my surgery, I started traveling again and went to almost every state and most of Canada. My friends can’t believe the difference and now I walk faster then everyone. If you need a hip replacement, go to Dr. Zehr and get it done now.

Patient via ratemds.com

I volunteered at the hospital for 8 years and had many opportunities to see results from all the surgeons. Dr. Zehr is quite simply the best for hips and knees in Southwest Florida.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

My name is Lezanne Bowman, I am 46 years old, and Dr. Zehr changed my life! For six months, I lived with excruciating pain in my right hip. I consulted a chiropractor and physical therapist, neither of which were able to provide any relief or a correct diagnosis. I then consulted with an orthopedic surgeon in Fort Myers, who delivered the shocking news that there was no cartilage left in my hip joint, and that in order to relieve my pain, I would require total hip replacement surgery. As my husband and I began to research total hip replacement surgery, my in laws told us that a friend of theirs had successful hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Robert Zehr. We learned that Dr. Zehr does not perform traditional hip replacement surgery, but rather utilizes a method called the anterior approach. This method was said to be less invasive, less painful, and lead to a quicker recovery. We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Zehr, and after his initial analysis and explanation of the procedure, immediately decided he was the man for the job. Dr. Zehr provided us with a manual that was clear, concise, and in layman’s terms described every detail of what to expect, from pre-op to rehabilitation. The surgery went flawlessly, and I was up walking with the aid of a walker the day of surgery. I was home two days after surgery, and walking unassisted two days later. The therapists, nurses, and Dr. Zehr’s staff, demonstrated that utmost competence and professionalism, and the rehabilitation process went exactly according to plan. My quality of life has now changed dramatically in two short months. I’m playing golf, going on long walks, and exercising on weight machines at the gym. PAIN FREE! Dr. Zehr, you have changed my life. Thanks to you and all your staff!

Lezanne Bowman

Since I volunteer at the hospital, in the past 8 years I have had many opportunities to observe the work of other ortho surgeons & the post-op condition of their patients. For hips and knees, Dr.Zehr is quite simply the best!

Patient via ratemds.com

The experience was uneventful. Pleasure to deal with Dr. and entire staff. If I had to go through the procedure again, I would go back to Dr. Zehr without hesitation.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr is an outstanding, compassionate, knowledgeable physician. In other words, “he knows his stuff.” Easy to communicate with. Makes you feel “brand new.” Thank you Dr. Zehr and your wonderful staff for all you have done for me.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I am a woman in my late sixties, suffering the effects of joint injuries from an automobile accident more than a decade ago. At this point, I have had three joint replacements with Dr. Zehr, and I would not have any other doctor. The results have been excellent; the care provided top-notch. A month ago, I had my left knee replaced (previously a hip replacement and my right knee replaced). The results have been truly amazing, from immediate post surgery capability to the rapid regaining of flexibility and range of motion. Altogether, I could not ask for better results – results that will allow me to continue an active and rich lifestyle.

Patient via ratemds.com

My experience with Dr. Zehr was exceptional. He is talented, and a man of his word. He will talk you through the entire procedure and completely answers all of your questions with great patience. You won’t find a more qualified surgeon.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had my right hip replaced in 2008 by a very competent Naples surgeon who used the posterior approach.

While the eventual outcome was very good, the anterior approach used by Dr. Zehr in 2014 resulted in a much faster, easier, and almost pain-free recovery and rehabilitative process.

Donald G. Popejoy

I am 51 years old. I had been athletic my entire life; four years ago I started having hip and groin pain when I was walking. I thought that it was muscular in nature. Over the course of four years I was seen by two chiropractors, a physical therapist and a massage therapist. I live about 3.5 hours from the Zehr Center. The pain became intolerable so I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon. A simple x-ray showed my left hip was completely lacking any cushion and I was grinding bone on bone. I had planned on having a posterior hip replacement but another surgeon had suggested checking out the anterior approach. I was fortunate to find Dr. Zehr. His experience and surgical skills are second to none. I met with him and he explained my options. I decided on the anterior hip replacement. He then explained the procedure, from A to Z including expectations before during and after the procedure. I had my surgery on July 8, 2014. I arrived at the hospital at 6am and was taken in to be prepped. I awoke from surgery and was shocked to find out how good I felt. An hour after I awoke in recovery I was given a walker and was able to walk to the bathroom unassisted. I stayed for the night. In the morning, I was able to walk unassisted with the walker, making laps around three different nursing stations. Dr. Zehr saw me and told me I could lose the walker but to use the cane. He also allowed me to go home the next morning. Tweny-four hours from start to finish I was walking unassisted out of the hospital neither needing the walker or the cane (during morning rounds Dr. Zehr told me I could lose the cane). I actually carried both out of the hospital with me. Ten days later, I saw Dr. Zehr who told me I no longer needed to be monitored by a relative. I drove home 3.5 hours and was able to go back to the gym and use an elliptical machine for an hour at level 13. Again, I have worked out my entire life, have great pain tolerance and am 51. Your results may not be exactly like mine but there were other patients of Dr. Zehr’s in my rehab sessions in the hospital in their 70s who went home in the same time parameter as I did. Another interesting thing happened. Prior to the hip surgery, I was always going to the chiropractor for adjustments because my back would go out. After the surgery my hips are so perfectly aligned that I no longer have lower back pain since the surgery. If you are considering hip or knee replacement, I highly recommend Dr. Zehr. He doesn’t pull punches, tells you like it is and will tell you exactly what you can expect from your surgery. Again, don’t put it off. I am so happy that I went through with this surgery. For me it has restored me to be able to do 100% of the things I love to do pain free. Don’t wait!

Patient via ratemds.com

I have my life back thanks to Dr Zehr, and his wonderful staff. After a lot of doctors, and research of different techniques of surgery, I knew this was the kind of surgery I wanted to do.

The Anterior approach and Dr. Zehr was the only doctor for me, and Physicians Regional Medical Center with the “Hana table” was where I wanted to have my surgery. It’s like going to a 5 star resort of Medical Centers (if that exists)!
Within 30 days of my surgery, I went dancing with my wonderful husband of 41 years, we are so happy we made this decision. We can resume the life we had before, now that my hip pain is gone. Don’t waste anymore of your life with hip pain.

I only wish I had found Dr. Zehr earlier!

Linda Glantz

Dr. Zehr and Physician’s Regional were wonderful. I would highly recommend both.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Hello Dr. Zehr,

Thought I would forward a picture from a ski trip I just returned from.

As you know, I had my hip replaced about 5 1/2 months ago.

I must say, I was a bit nervous the first few times down. After that, I was very comfortable, had no issues, and felt great.

Thanks again!

Greg Schmidt

Did both knees at same time and the results were wonderful.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Before my hip surgery my quality of life was, so bad. Just walking from the house to the car I was in excruciating pain.

I went to other surgeons and was told I would never be able to continue to be a lineman if I had a hip replacement.

I went to Dr. Zehr and he said I would not have restrictions and would be able to continue my job.

I scheduled the surgery and the only regret I have is that I didn’t have it sooner.

James Jourdan

For several years I’d been experiencing severe hip pain. I kept putting off seeing a doctor because my friends said they had ongoing post operative pain. Dr. Zehr operated on me at 1 P.M. I was walking at 4 P.M. pain-free and I’m still pain-free!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had a hip replacement a year ago.

This past August I was in Africa and doing a little trekking with a group.

I love Africa and couldn’t have done the trip without my new hip.

Thanks, Dr. Zehr.

Mary Bolen

I knew that I needed a total hip replacement, had rejected a Posterior Surgical Approach and sought out Dr. Zehr because of his excellent reputation and overall experience with the Direct Anterior Approach. I have had EXCELLENT results!!!!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Feeling Much Better!!!!

My experience with Dr. Zehr has been a positive one. From the very beginning, I felt at ease with him and the office staff. I was extremely nervous about the whole procedure and they were wonderful with all of my questions and fears. I would highly recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone that needs a hip replacement!!! The whole procedure was much easier than expected and relatively pain free. Thank you Dr. Zehr!!!

Holly Schoonmaker

One of the nicest and most accessible people, both staff and Doctor. I am very satisfied with the care I received!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I love being outdoors and being active, but as a young woman with severe hip pain, I could not enjoy the many activities that I enjoy.

I live in Colorado, but travel a lot. My arthritic hip was slowing me down. After searching for the right surgeon to help me, I was told about Dr. Zehr who does hip surgery differently from most surgeons.

After talking with him and his team, I was sure this was the place to get myself restored. His anterior approach was great and I was able to recover very quickly.

In a very short time I was back to my active self. Here I am fly fishing in Scotland on the River Spey

Dr. Zehr and his team are really great!

Pamela Gerard

If I ever need my other knee done he is the only one I would go to. One of the best doctors of any type. It was a very good experience.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

My wife and I chose Dr. Zehr for hip replacement due to his ‘straight talk’ and no-nonsense approach. We reviewed his web-site and watched the on-line video and were quickly able to create a list of “treatments” we tried to relieve hip pain:

* two trips to a chiropractor.
* shoe lifts to correct one leg short
* five years of glucosamine & chondroitin,
* the daily use of two (2) Aleve tablets,
* the additional use of Ibuprofen pills,
* a visit to a sports medicine clinic,
* the injection of cortisone.

Since my surgery in February, my recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. I was dancing with my wife within two weeks. We traveled to Europe this spring where we walked over many uneven cobblestone streets and climbed many steep hills. There has been no need of any pain pills.

Thank you Dr. Zehr for your skill and expertise.

Dr. Rick Hayman

Delighted with my results! Dr. Zehr has replaced both my knees. First knee was four years ago. Three months ago replaced knee number two. My care was excellent both times. I would and have recommended Dr. Zehr to friends and strangers. Thank you Dr. Zehr!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I love my new knee!

Dr. Zehr is an exceptional surgeon with a kind and honest demeanor. I followed his protocol and had a swift and successful recovery. As the photo depicts, shopping is fun, but, chasing my young grandsons is my greatest pleasure and now pain free!

The Zehr Center team have been incredibly supportive and helpful before, during, and after my surgery. I’m thrilled with my decision.

To those of you reading this, put your doubts aside and your future comfort in Dr. Robert Zehr.

Ann Fleming

Dr. Zehr’s office made an appointment for me one week from the first call. I saw the doctor and he agreed that my knee was very bad and fit me in quickly. Six weeks after surgery I was walking and playing golf as he promised. Great experience!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had gone to other hip surgeons and was so discouraged by their recommendations and prognosis that I almost gave up… until I heard about Dr. Zehr . I found out that he does hip surgery in an entirely different manner than the other surgeons.

After spending time with him and his team, I knew I had found the right place. His surgery to replace my right hip gave me immediate relief . Within 5 weeks of my surgery I was out hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Also important to me is enjoying my boat. Before surgery the limitation and pain was so great I could no longer get onto my boat. Just weeks after my surgery, here I am getting onto the boat with my operated hip.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Zehr and his team!

Joseph W. Hart

Dr. Zehr and his staff are pleasant to deal with and the operation and recovery went exactly as planned. I would recommend him to anyone.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Painless rotation driving through the ball… I can’t blame my hip for my high scores anymore!

A+ to Dr. Zehr, your staff, and the hospital. You instilled me with confidence on our first meeting by answering every question and concern, and the manual you provided made an ideal reference, a striking example of your thoughtful professionalism.

I didn’t foresee riding a bike, hitting golf balls, and spending three days walking unassisted through Disney World within a few weeks of surgery; neither did my friends who had traditional hip replacements and were astounded and jealous I avoided the many months of rehab they needed.

Zehr Orthopaedics is world class; I couldn’t recommend you more highly! I only wish I had addressed my hip problem sooner. Thank you so much.

Clete Willems

Dr. Zehr replaced my knee in 2013. Six months later I was able to attend the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. During the ten days, I was able to hike over five miles each day up and down mountains. My knee performed very well!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Full Knee Replacement–Dr Zehr and staff EXCELLENT in every way

My report and experience is much like others, but he has earned and deserves the redundancy. Being a “snowbird,” I had previous visits with a knee orthopedic expert in Wisconsin. When I met with Dr. Zehr, he became my surgeon of choice. Ease of making an appointment, conservative care, undivided attention while in his office and the hospital. He exudes confidence; important to me in doctor selection. I had surgery, physical therapy at his direction, and was playing golf in 5 weeks and now at 9 weeks am golfing twice a week. Now nearly back to regular activity.

Roger H

I am 76 years old and 45 lbs. overweight. Both variables delayed my rehab time. Yet, following total hip replacement, I was off opioids in 2 weeks; off my cane in less than 4 weeks; and played golf 2X by the end of the 6th week! How can that be improved upon?

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

As a hospital executive for almost 40 years, I have met many outstanding physicians. Dr. Robert Zehr is certainly one of them and that is why I chose him to do a revision of my failing total knee replacement.

Both of my knees were replaced by another surgeon in Nashville, TN in 2006. Unfortunately, my right knee replacement came loose earlier than I expected and was causing me a great deal of pain. Dr. Zehr recommended a revision to a more stable design.

The surgery went perfectly and my post-op care at PRMC was outstanding. In fact, after only two weeks I was out playing golf again. I played my first 18 holes in years with my friends where I was pain free!

I only wish I had met Dr. Zehr in 2006.

Joe D. Pinion

Dr. Robert Zehr is a gifted and compassionate surgeon.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I played a lot of competitive racquetball which beat up my knees. Eventually the pain became too much.

When I finally decided to do something about the pain, I attended 4-5 knee seminars including one by Dr. Zehr. I decided that he was the best doctor I could have to do my surgery.

What surprised me the most was that I was up walking in the halls immediately after surgery which I really didn’t expect to happen.

My one goal was to be able to walk with my two dogs again. Now I can walk 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles again at night with them.

My knees feel so good I might just get back to racquetball again!

Gary Cowger

Great skills, excellent office, excellent preparation documentation for his patients, overall outstanding results.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I suffered several years with hip pain unable to mow my own lawn, drive a car or do everyday simple activities.

I searched the internet and came across the Zehr Center website which gave me so much information on anterior hip surgery. Nobody in our area does this approach.

I drove 3 ½ hours to see him and I’m glad I did.

In short, I had my hip surgery and went home in under 2 days. I needed very little therapy and 3 weeks later I’m out mowing my lawn.

Dr. Zehr and his staff are very positive, caring and always professional. I simply cannot find the words to express my gratitude to Dr.Zehr.

I brag about him to everybody!

Enrique Quintero

Dr. Zehr…a great experience

I found Dr. Zehr to be accessible and easy to talk with. It was clear from the very start of our conversation that he was not interested in doing surgery and had some alternative options for me. For Dr. Zehr, what is appropriate to the situation is what he suggests. I found his office staff to be easy to work with and I found that he has implemented a number of electronic procedures that help to eliminate paper and streamline patient flow. A great experience.

Edward Schifman

Dr. Zehr and his staff met me for the first time and they were professional and courteous. Dr. Zehr met with me and answered all my questions until I was completely satisfied. Dr. Zehr’s notebook that he gives you is outstanding!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I’m the lucky one, first because the arthritis in my hip progressed quickly. Within five months of the time that my hip began to be uncomfortable, I was limping and in much pain when I walked.

I was fortunate to be able to schedule replacement surgery very quickly, so my body did not have to compensate for the weakness in my hip. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Zehr, with his anterior approach, allowing me to return to the fitness classes I love and to other activities, without restrictions.

Dr. Zehr’s office staff paved the way to surgery, arranging pre-op procedures and providing a manual that answered every question I had. Following surgery, I began therapy immediately and after a couple of weeks, I added classes at the health club to complement my outpatient therapy.

Three weeks to the day of my surgery, I returned to the botanical garden as a horticulture volunteer, balancing and reaching to pull weeds between the spiny plants in the arid garden. Soon, I was taking all the fitness classes I had taken before my operation – spinning, circuit training, yoga, strength and flexibility, plus walking without pain.

Live with pain? Not me! Replacement is too easy!

Betty Plum

Dr. Zehr and his staff were very diligent and committed to answering my questions and providing top-notch service. My hip replacement surgery and recovery went very well and the follow-up appointments with him and his wonderful staff were excellent.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Just a brief word to tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my two knee replacements. One last July and the other one this May.

Surgery, after care and therapy went extremely well. I am back playing tennis, riding my bike and on my knees in my garden.

My quality of life has been restored!

My appreciation and thanks to you and your staff for the excellent, friendly and professional care you all provided.

Bernie Mraz

We would recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone. He and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous,and a pleasure to work with. Dr. Zehr is to be commended for his wonderful “bedside manner,”as well as his expertise in his field of work.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Before my hip replacement, I researched my options as I had learned a great deal from a prior double knee replacement. I selected Dr. Zehr because he offered an anterior hip replacement and answered my questions concisely and directly.

Overall, I found Dr. Zehr and his team to be a well oiled unit, making my experience an easy one that allowed minimum discomfort and a quick recovery.

I am back on the tennis courts and taking spin classes once again!

Janet Brunell

Dr. Zehr is highly competent, knowledgeable, and interested in his patients’ successful outcomes. I credit Dr. Zehr and his expert team of professionals for enabling me to move through life pain-free and joyful after a total hip replacement.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I had experimental hip surgery when I was 26 for avascular necrosis. At that time is was uncertain how long this would last.

When the pain started in my hip again, I asked my surgeon in Michigan for advice on who to see here in Naples. He told me that if it was his hip, he would have Dr. Zehr fix it since he was one of the best surgeons he knew.

This gave me tremendous relief and after I met with Dr. Zehr, I was very confident with him. He spent time with me and explained everything that was going to happen. It went just like he said.

Since my hip surgery, my life has changed so much. I have changed careers and am now a realtor. I have confidence in going up and down stairs when I show houses and am not in pain with clients.

But the greatest thing is that I can now walk on the beach. This is a dream for me as before I couldn’t do it with the pain in my hip. I just wish I had done the surgery 10 years ago!

Krista Asquith

My lifestyle has taken a toll on my knees at a young age. Between the military and years of high impact aerobics, my knees were in pretty bad shape.

I love being a consultant with “Pampered Chef®” which keeps me on my feet for hours at a time cooking . The problem was that my knees were always painful and I thought I might have to give it up.

Thankfully I found Dr. Zehr who discovered that both of my knees were bone on bone. He recommended partial knee replacements for both of my knees.

Now my knees feel great. I can take long bike rides, walks on the beach and most of all, keep up with my cooking. My lifestyle is back to where I had always dreamed it could be!

Rhonda Logan

I had two hip replacements performed by Dr. Zehr within three months and after six weeks I was pain free and back playing tennis and golf several times each week.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Zehr and his very professional staff who cared for me during and after this procedure.

Mike Paquette

Dr. Zehr is outstanding. I had a total hip replacement and the outcome so far has been even better than I expected. Very little post surgical pain and a quick recovery. I give Dr. Zehr the highest marks. His process is well organized and efficient.

Patient via vitals.com

Great doctor, great office staff and great bedside manner!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I endured decades of pain in my knee and hip. Once I found Dr. Zehr, I knew I had the right guy to help me.

Since I had my hip and then my knee replaced, I have had no pain at all in either joint. My quality of life has gone from poor to nearly perfect.

I now can bike, walk the treadmill and lift weights like I used to do.

The two surgeries have contributed immeasurably to my return to normalcy. Now I can keep up with my grandson.

My advice, if you are enduring joint pain, consider the dramatic change that a replacement could bring to your life.

Gary Lee, Former U.S. Congressman – NY

Surgery at its best
I consider him a great surgeon.

Patient via vitals.com

What a find!!!
My husband went to Dr. Zehr for a hip problem. I too, have hip issues. I was so impressed I made an appointment for myself. Dr. Zehr is a soft spoken, extremely knowledgeable man. He spent the time needed and explained my problems, step by step, including x-ray illustrated. He explained my options, and answered any questions I had. He did nothing without first explaining, and then advising me, followed by my feelings on each. I would recommend Dr. Zehr to my family, friends, and anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring, orthopaedic.

Sue Clifford

Dr. Zehr and his entire staff were helpful, polite, and always on time with appointments. I highly recommend him.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

My knees were so bowed and hurt every single day. I finally decided to do something about it. I got opinions from several local surgeons, but realized Dr. Zehr was the right guy.

I had both knees replaced at the same time and now I am back to full duty as a fireman. I lift weights and work out with the 20-year-olds at the station. I don’t even think about my knees anymore.

Part of my job is climbing a 130 foot ladder which I can do in about 30 seconds.

After living with knee pain for so long I cannot believe how great my knees are now. The quality of life is 1000-fold better.”

Thanks again, Doc!

Patrick Browne

I have always received wonderful care and support from Dr. Zehr and his staff. From a knee replacement to hip pain, Dr. Zehr is the best!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I am SO glad I had my total knee replacement by Dr. Zehr. Before, just walking up or down a low hill, stairs, getting up and down from a chair were slow and very painful.

Now I can bike, swim, golf (although my score still reflects my lack of talent!!), travel and truly enjoy life.

The staff was helpful and informative before and after surgery. I never felt like “just a number”. I was greeted by name on my first visit.

First class!

Have the surgery. Do the work (rehab is the key). Life is too short to live in pain!

Bee Dee Greenfield

I had right hip surgery done in Boston in 2004 (old method). The recovery was lengthy and painful. The left hip got to the point this year that I knew I needed surgery.

Thankfully I heard about Dr. Zehr and his anterior approach. Surgery was performed and I was cleared to start swinging the golf clubs two weeks later. I played 18 holes in the third week and my game has improved dramatically

Thanks to Dr Zehr and his team I am playing golf pain free. Now I can walk the dog or just go for a walk pain free.

I really can’t say enough to praise Dr. Zehr and his staff. From my initial consultation to my post-op visit, I always knew I made the right choice in selecting a surgeon. I have had both methods of hip replacements—back and front. I strongly recommend Dr Zehr and his anterior method.

Bill Smith

I had a partial knee replacement done by Dr. Zehr two years ago, and couldn’t have asked for a better experience, from the office visits, to the great care at Physicians Regional, the scheduled home nursing and PT visits, the out-patient PT, and of course, the end result . . . a knee that is still working great. Dr. Zehr and his staff are the best and made everything so easy . . . the only thing I had to do, really, was to show up (and the PT exercises!)

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr did a bilateral knee replacement on me Feb. 15, 2010. We laughed and I told him I would be his poster child! Well, I just wanted to let you know that I have just been named North Carolina’s Senior Female Tennis Player of the Year (2013).

I am 69 years old (the rest of my body—-not my knees). Also, This coming September, I plan to ride my 1936 Indian Scout Motorcycle 4100 miles (from Daytona Beach, Florida to Tacoma, Washington) on the Cannonball Endurance Run – crossing the country in 16 days in an effort to raise money for the Colon Cancer Alliance (I am a colon cancer survivor).

I will be 70, my motorcycle 78 and the journey a challenging 4,100 miles. Life is good and I thank Dr. Zehr for giving me a renewed chance to keep living it to the max!

Dottie Mattern

Dr. Zehr replaced my right hip two years ago when I was 65 years old and had a quick recovery and have had no pain since healing. I can’t even tell that I have an artificial hip!! I would recommend him to everyone needing a new hip!

Patient via vitals.com

From one surgeon to another with many thanks for restoring my two knees and two hips!

The Kamchatka Brown Bear was shot after I had one hip and two knees replaced.

Location of the bear hunt was the Kamchatka Peninsula of far eastern Russia.

Before my joints were replaced, the joy of my hunting trips was limited due to pain. Now that I can walk as far as I want, I am truly enjoying my life again.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Zehr and his team for getting me back in the hunt!

Robert H. Buker, MD
Major Gen. (Ret), US Army

After a doctor in Naples ruined my knee during what should have been routine meniscus surgery, Dr. Zehr performed a knee replacement. The differences between the “mill” run by the first doctor and Dr. Zehr’s office was night and day. No unnecessary surgery and a courteous and professional staff.

Patient via vitals.com

The whole Zehr team is wonderful! I felt safe in their hands from beginning to end.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr, his staff, and the hospital staff where he works are all professional, caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. The procedure on my hip left me pain-free and able to continue my activities, without restriction.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr replaced both of my hips during the past two years. The procedures were flawless and the outcome superb. My husband and I are both 78 years old and are pleased to say that our experiences with Dr. Zehr and his staff are above reproach. Everything about the operation is perfect or at least as perfect as you can get. What a pleasure with an absolute professional.

Shirley Radi

A knowledgeable, professional who spends time with you. Carefully explains the diagnosis and treatment options. He is conservative in that he pursues nonsurgical avenues first, resorting in surgery when those no longer reduce pain.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr did my total knee replacement, and I was back to normal activities in five weeks. He explained everything to me very clearly and his staff made all appointments for home therapy and outpatient therapy ahead of time. I found that Dr. Zehr is a very compassionate and caring doctor.

Patricia DeGroot

Couldn’t ask for better. The BEST.

Patient via vitals.com

Dr. Zehr is an excellent surgeon. I would HIGHLY recommend him!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I have had wonderful results with my total knee replacement, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Dr. Zehr, including my family and loved ones. His knowledge and skill in his chosen field are complimented by his obvious compassion and caring.

Cynthia Steph

Having had the benefit of Dr. Zehr’s years of education and twenty-five years’ experience over the past eleven years, I am qualified to say Dr. Zehr’s expert evaluations and more importantly, his judgment of surgical techniques, have rescued me from excruciating pain. I have had a hip replacement and both knees replaced and recovered in record time due to Dr. Zehr’s style of healing therapy. It has allowed me to be independent of former assistance. Now, I enjoy traveling, to be present for weddings, graduations and major events in the lives of our 16 grandchildren. I am 83 yrs. young, my mother lived over 100 because she said, “I don’t want to miss anything” –neither do I– therefore, I expect to be around to thank Dr. Zehr for the next twenty years.

Mrs. P. McKenzie

I find Dr. Zehr to be a competent & compassionate doctor. And I feel lucky to have him in my corner.

Stephen O’Sullivan

One of the great ones.

Leo Coar

Dr. Zehr has performed full hip replacement on both hips and full knee replacement on my right knee over the past eight years. I am happy to report, no complications, and everything is working great! He is an excellent surgeon!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

After 6 weeks and following the doctor and staff’s instructions, I am in better shape than I have been in years. Matter of fact, I can hardly remember I had a problem.

Charles P.

A totally remarkable experience. I had an unbelievably quick recovery and would highly recommend Dr. Zehr’s anterior approach. His entire staff’s guidance and therapy were extremely helpful and courteous. I was out dancing in five weeks!

Shirley Curvey

Dr. Zehr performed a hip replacement and I was 100% satisfied from beginning to end! He truly is the BEST orthopedic doctor and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needed this procedure!!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I am 59 years old…my right hip had been failing for quite a while and was really affecting many aspects of my life. Being a due diligence person I did extensive research selecting the right physician for my surgery.

All indicators led me to Dr. Zehr and the anterior approach method that he uses for hip replacements. I have no regrets with my decision.

Within one week there was great progress and I was walking with no walker or cane. Even the therapist was impressed and agreed that the anterior approach is really the best method for hip surgery.

Many thanks to Dr. Zehr and his wonderful staff for all of their efforts on my behalf.

John Wolski

Excellent experience. Dr. Zehr and his staff were informative and reassuring. The in-house PT had me off the walker in 1 week and out-patient PT was just as efficient. I now have no limp, no pain and I can tie my shoes. Glad I called Dr. Zehr!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

I’m a “snowbird” from Wisconsin. Dr. Zehr performed my total knee operation in 2007. I’ve been pain free for the past 6 years. At age 94 that is quite remarkable. My wife and I look forward to our check ups with Dr. Zehr each winter!

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

My right hip was in terrible shape and I could hardly walk. I was set up to have surgery with another doctor, but at the last minute I became concerned.

Thank goodness my daughter discovered Dr. Zehr and his anterior approach just in the nick of time. He did my surgery and it was an amazing success.

I had no pain after surgery and my life is back to normal. I am again enjoying traveling, yoga and just walking pain free.

I am so blessed to have my lifestyle back and very grateful to Dr. Zehr and his tremendous staff for their care and heroic effort.

Dolores Regnier

Excellent, knowledgeable, informative, great doctor.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr and his staff are always very helpful and upbeat. He is one of the most experienced surgeons in this area and has a great reputation among my friends for competence and great outcomes.

Patient via healthcarereviews.com

Dr. Zehr and his team of professionals provided excellent health care. I had a total hip replacement and it was a great success. Dr. Zehr used the anterior approach and I was up and walking without support within 10 days of the procedure. The experience was thoroughly positive from the first office visit through the post-surgical follow-ups.

Patient via ratemds.com

At 61 I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my hip and the unbearable pain was interfering with my life. Dr. Zehr and his team of professionals made a positive difference for me with a total hip replacement. Within one week of my surgery, I was walking without aids and the pain in my hip was history. There are no adequate words to describe my gratitude to Dr. Zehr for relieving me of hip pain and allowing for a complete return to a very active lifestyle.

Margaret Levinson

Doing is believing! Finding yourself needing a total hip replacement at 50 isn’t anyone’s ideal predicament.

After many other doctor visits and subsequent hours of research, finding Dr. Zehr was a blessing. I cannot say enough positive things about he and his staff. My surgery was just as explained.

I was fortunate to be home within 24 hours, and my recovery was minimal. I teach martial arts to young children and I never missed a class. My surgery was Sept. 18th and I taught my next class on Sept. 24th.

So thankful I found you…kudos Dr. Zehr!
I only wish you had twins in various medicals fields. 🙂

Rene Squatrito

Dr. Zehr replaced my knee in April of 2009. I am so pleased with the outcome. Not only do I possess the smallest, minimal incision of anyone I have ever met that has had knee surgery, but the recuperation was remarkably short, especially since I have severe spinal problems. Dr. Zehr is professional, extremely competent and has a great sense of humor. He is a great doctor and a tribute to the medical profession.

Robert Frazier

I had two knee replacements and Dr. Zehr and staff are absolutely great!! His surgery was extremely successful and recovery time was amazing! Cannot thank him and staff enough – would highly recommend him to anyone needing surgery for knee replacement.

Fran Mangino

Dr. Zehr and his team in the operating room were all amazing. The office team and of Julie and Carla, were there for me every time I called. I had knee replacement surgery and my scar is minimal and healing well. My surgery was on June 11, 2013.

Rita Mongiovi

I am so blessed that a friend told me about Dr. Zehr. He is thorough and extremely accurate in everything he tells you. All I had to do was follow his detailed book, have the surgery, and do the rehab. Excellent results!

Tami via vitals.com

I did my homework on surgeons in the area. There are many good ones. I feel for this operation I chose the best. His staff is great both as professionals and caregivers. Dr. Zehr delivered what he promised. Everyone I talked to both before and after the surgery commented on how smooth the procedure went. One nurse told me it was because of how clean his procedure is and I mean the technical part. Although I am only nine days post operation, I know everything to date has been better than expected and I feel that I will say the same in the future. If I ever have other similar needs in the future the Zehr Center will be the place to help me correct those needs. It has been a very good partnership.

Frederick Mapes

The office staff are cheerful and competent from phone contact to exit. Intake fast. Radiography handled cheerfully and the PT on top of the issue. Of course Dr. Z as competent as ever with knee, shoulder and this time knee again. He administered palliative treatment and mentioned the inevitable replacement when pain returns. If you have joint problems, better see Dr. Z.

Michael Gaynor

I am very satisfied with my new hip (GeeGee, grandkids named it!) Dr. Zehr was very informative, and kind. Great surgeon. His staff as well were also well informed and kind. I have recommended Dr. Zehr to numerous friends. They can’t believe how good I did, week by week.

Cynthia Krueger

Dr. Zehr has been my physician for over eight years. During that period, he has done full hip replacement on both hips and a full knee replacement on my right knee. I am happy to report everything is working as good as new! Dr. Zehr will not rush you into surgery, but rather, encourage you to wait until you really need the surgery and he will do it when you are ready. He is an outstanding surgeon!

R. W. Schroeder

I am 7 weeks post surgery and can’t say enough good things of the left hip replacement performed by Dr. Zehr. He was not in a hurry to do surgery but when it was evident that was my only option his office made all the necessary arrangements for surgery on 3/13/13. His office gave me a loose-leaf binder that explained all that was going to happen and what to expect at every level of recovery. They set up in-home PT and they were excellent to work with and I was off the walker in a week. They were very supportive as was my out-patient PT. I was finished with that at the 6 week mark. I am playing golf again and I am pain free and credit Dr. Zehr with my quick recovery. The anterior hip replacement surgery is the only way to go. Thank you, Dr. Zehr and staff. I feel that you have changed my life.

Lynn Van Auken, via Facebook

I’m now 94 and an active “Snowbird” spending 5 months each year in Naples. In 2007 I had a total knee. I have been pain free since the surgery! My wife and I look forward each winter to our “check up” with Dr. Zehr. If I ever need to have my other knee done, I can assure you it will wait until I return to Florida and Dr. Zehr!

Robert C.

Dr. Zehr met and exceeded all my expectations. I was up and walking with a new hip 4 hours after surgery and in PT in the hospital in another hour. I walked out of the hospital on a cane on day 3, stopped using the cane on day 6, was driving and back in the pool on day 9. I am still doing follow up PT for further strengthening. An excellent surgeon and staff and the Physicians Regional Hospital on Pine Ridge was great. I can’t say more. Anyone with hip pain should run (or walk/limp) to Dr. Zehr’s office so he and Julie and Karla will change your life. This new Direct Anterior procedure with a small 3-4 inch incision is the only way to have a hip replaced. I’m sure I will be back playing tennis in a few more weeks!!!

Mark Geis

Spends time and listens to his patients. Answers all questions and is not rushing out the door while you are still speaking to him. Very personable and knowledgeable. Probably the best Ortho I have seen!

Dave R

Dr. Zehr, an exceptional and gifted surgeon, authored a 72-page notebook on what to do before surgery, what will occur during, and what to anticipate afterward. He not only had me walking shortly after surgery but I (a 74-year-old man), was able to bend my knee 126° just 2 days after my knee replacement and walk up 18 steps to our condo a day later without assistance. Dr. Zehr and Therapist Leslie Butler of Physiotherapy in Estero, Florida make an awesome team.

Bob Alter

The dedication of Dr. Zehr, and his whole team, is a gift to everyone who has limited mobility and is suffering from chronic arthritis pain. Excellence doesn’t come without a willingness to sacrifice. We’re so fortunate to have surgeons like Dr. Zehr who are willing perform the Anterior Approach Hip Replacement and ultimately give of themselves, of their time, energy, and intelligence to fix the broken parts of the rest of us. Five weeks ago, I could not walk without pain. Six hours after Dr. Zehr performed my Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, I was walking. I felt like someone had “put the earth back under my feet.” I never dreamed it could be this good. I have no restrictions physically with this new hip. Dr. Zehr is a brilliant surgeon who is both confident and modest. He’s willing to listen but is exact in his opinion. You get the idea that he doesn’t take anything for granted, searches to find solutions to whatever problems he encounters, and works to achieve what seems nearly impossible. Because of his dedication to healing his patients in the best way possible, he performs the newer, yet more time consuming, Anterior Approach Hip Replacement so that patients like me can return to a normal life. I am grateful to Dr. Zehr and his whole team for getting me back to solid ground. This morning I walked two miles around the block and this afternoon I will go shopping! Thank you for being so good at what you do!

Christine Adams Butch, via Vitals.com

He is the best! No pain; exercising 3-4 times a week. Have a normal life for the first time in years! His method is best and I saw other people who used different surgeons when I was in the hospital and they were in a lot of pain. I have a very small scar and was back to work in nine days!

Patient via ratemds.com

After two years of excruciating knee pain and difficulty walking I attended a seminar given by Dr. Zehr. After listening to him answer numerous questions I decided to make an appointment. X-rays of my knees and hip proved that it was not a knee problem but, in fact, a hip problem, i.e. bone on bone. Dr. Zehr explained that the only option that would give the desired results would be a hip replacement. Three weeks later Dr. Zehr performed the hip replacement surgery and within one week I was only using a walking stick; within 10 days I was driving and working; and shortly after I could walk on my own and most importantly take my two dogs out in the garden. Dr. Zehr and his staff have been extremely professional and so very helpful; answering all my questions and concerns from before the surgery through the post surgical appointment (the “Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery” notebook provided by the Zehr Center is an excellent reference and is so useful). I did not expect to be without pain so soon after the hip replacement and also not to have to take any pain medication except for Tylenol after leaving the hospital but Dr. Zehr was absolutely correct when he confirmed these facts to me. With the Direct Anterior Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Zehr the results to date have exceeded my expectations, physical therapy is showing results and my dogs are getting ready for long walks – all thanks to Dr. Zehr!

AVVO Patient

The dedication of Dr. Zehr, and his whole team, is a gift to everyone who has limited mobility and is suffering from chronic arthritis pain. Excellence doesn’t come without a willingness to sacrifice. We are so fortunate to have surgeons like Dr. Zehr who are willing to perform the Anterior Approach Hip Replacement and ultimately give of themselves, of their time, energy, and intelligence to fix the broken parts of the rest of us. Five weeks ago, I could not walk without pain. Six hours after Dr. Zehr performed my Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, I was walking. I felt like someone had “put the earth back under my feet.” I never dreamed it could be this good. I have no restrictions physically with this new hip. Dr. Zehr is a brilliant surgeon who is both confident and modest. He’s willing to listen but is exact in his opinion. You get the idea that he doesn’t take anything for granted, searches to find solutions to whatever problems he encounters, and works to achieve what seems nearly impossible. Because of his dedication to healing his patients in the best way possible, he performs the newer, yet more time consuming, Anterior Approach Hip Replacement so that patients like me can return to a normal life.

AVVO Patient

I am 100% pleased with Dr. Zehr and his entire staff. The staff was helpful, cheerful, and answered all my questions. Dr. Zehr took the time to “talk” to me about my knee both pre- and post-surgery. I never felt like I was being rushed out the door or that Dr. Zehr was is a hurry to get to his next patient.

Patient via ratemds.com

I just hiked Mount Henry, a small mountain here in Western Maine. NO knee pain. I get clicking here and there but ride the bike 5/6 times a week, walk a lot, up and down ladders. Anyway, thank you for taking good care of me. Our home in Maine has 3 flights of stairs between the garage and bedroom. Took me a while to get used to that but I’m good now, it’s been a few months. Hope you are well and wish you the best. Thanks so much for the great job on my knee!

Maura Mulcahy

At 10 days from surgery on my hip I am out hitting tennis balls with my friends and they can’t believe it. In fact, I am way ahead of schedule in my rehab efforts.

Dr. Robert Zehr and his staff were fantastic. He does a different new procedure for hips by operating from the front of the hip instead of the rear. That way he does not cut any muscles and the recovery is much shorter.

Only about 5% of hip surgeons use this procedure as special equipment is needed but I would highly recommend him if you or any of your relatives or friends need a knee or hip operation.

Ken Gebert

I just had my second total knee replacement with Dr. Zehr and my recovery is even faster this time. The pain control is even better this time around and I am getting my motion back earlier.

The use of my knees is critical in driving my car at high speeds and I wanted the best chance of regaining my lost knee function. This is why I have chosen Dr. Zehr again for my knee surgery. He is the best!

I am looking forward to getting back on the race track where the thrill of speed is no longer diminished by the pain in my knees. My greatest thanks to Dr. Zehr and his team.

Susann Miller
Professional Porsche Driver

The hips are working very well — one replaced 6 years ago, the other replaced 2 years ago.

On a trip to Costa Rica my wife and I were the seniors in our group. We kept up very well flying through the forest and making some difficult climbs — much better than some of the youngsters!

I will be 85 on December 9th. The new hips have made my life so much more enjoyable. Thanks Dr. Zehr!

Dick Timbers

With the discomfort and pain I was experiencing in my left hip, I knew that in order to have the quality, active life to which I was accustomed, it was time to take steps to achieve it.

On the advice of a friend, I visited with Dr. Zehr and was very confident that I had the right surgeon. Dr. Zehr and his staff were always helpful, warm, optimistic and encouraging about the entire process.

Within seven weeks I was on the golf course enjoying my favorite activity. My golfing “buddies” could not believe the difference in my mobility. In fact, my scores improved greatly, much to their dismay!

Patricia Roy

Thanks to Dr. Zehr I was walking in the afternoon after my anterior hip replacement in the morning and was walking unaided one week later.

This gave me back the ability to exercise in the gym to help keep my diabetes in control, pain free.

I don’t think about my hip as there is no pain and there are no restrictions as I carry on my daily life.

I highly recommend Dr. Zehr as he is the best in the area.

James Earnest

I suffer from kidney disease and am in its terminal stages. Two years ago the pain in my hip had become so severe that I could hardly walk. Golf became impossible.

Dr. Zehr performed my hip operation using an anterior approach. I have a 4″ scar and absolutely no problems. Six weeks later I was playing 18 holes of golf.

Should you have a joint problem and it is curtailing the activities that you normally perform I would urge you to see Dr. Zehr and have it remedied.

He is the best.

Dr. Thomas J. Swift

I had both knees replaced by Dr. Zehr about 4 years apart. Since my recent knee was done, I am able to walk with no pain.

More importantly I am able to perform as a professional singer on my feet for hours at a time with no pain.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Zehr for his skill giving me an excellent result.

I recommend Dr. Zehr constantly to the many people who see how well I can walk and perform.

Tony Avalon
Professional Vocalist

When severe pain began interfering with my golf and my nursing career, I chose Dr. Zehr as my surgeon for both of my hip replacements.

Dr. Zehr always performs the latest techniques, is meticulous and educates his patients to know what to expect. I am often asked by my colleagues to recommend the best surgeon for their family or friends. Dr. Zehr is my #1 choice!

Since my surgeries I am back to enjoying my life again!

Lorraine El-Deiry
Orthopaedic Nurse

Dr. Zehr and his staff did an excellent job. I was up and walking the next day and walking without a cane in 10 days. I was swimming and riding my bike in 2 weeks!

AVVO Patient

I was walking with a pronounced limp as I entered Dr. Zehr’s office. The X-ray showed very clearly that I had an advanced case of arthritis. I was given a Guide Book which explained everything one needed to know before, during, and after the replacement surgery. Excellent document and nerve settling to boot. Two weeks later I was on the table getting a new right hip. Within two weeks, I was off the cane and taking the prescribed therapy. Four weeks later, I was on the golf course with all my golfing buddies! And to top it off, six months later I had Dr. Zehr replace the left arthritic hip with the same good result. I was in good professional hands with Dr. Zehr from start to finish!

AVVO Patient

Being retired from the Cleveland Clinic, I had many options for my surgeon.
Dr. Zehr replaced my left knee and I had such a great outcome that when it came time for my other knee surgery–why would I go to anyone else? I had my second knee surgery and was back to my volunteer job two weeks later. Dr. Zehr has the best technique and his team is magical.

Becky Roberts

Greetings From Utica, NY! As your patient, my hip replacement is sooo unbelievably normal that I seldom think about the procedure. Your expertise as a physician is truly remarkable, a gift that made my life practically normal.
Well done, Dr. Zehr !

Vince Triola

I searched the internet to find “the” surgeon to replace my arthritic knees. Dr. Robert Zehr was the one and only choice for me. His skills, counsel and approach to my orthopedic problems was superior. The concern, caring and professionalism of his staff was outstanding. There is no other choice in my mind than Dr. Zehr. Walking on the boardwalk with the waves breaking off the Atlantic Ocean are now part of my life again. I owe Dr. Zehr for giving me my life and pleasure back. Walking pain free for miles is his gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Dr. Zehr.

Dennis Kelly

I have known Dr. Zehr since his days at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.
I knew that when it came time for me to have my knee replacement, there could be no one else with the skill and experience to do the surgery in Southwest Florida. Although I am not as fast as I remember myself in my youth, I am fast enough–and have no pain in my knee. I am grateful to Dr. Zehr and his team for an excellent result.

Robert Frazier

Dr. Zehr and his staff have provided me with excellent care. But more than that, the atmosphere in the office is professional and friendly. After my partial knee replacement, I had very little discomfort. Now, I can kneel when planting my garden. My decision to have this procedure has helped me return to activities I enjoy. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Dr. Zehr.

Helen Rhoades

I suffered for ten plus years with hip pain, scared to have surgery.
When I heard of the new approach to hip replacement and checked out the only orthopedist performing it, it was an easy decision to go ahead and do it…and I was glad I did.

FIVE weeks later and no pain and back to tennis and golf, I was HAPPY to have had it done….what a wonderful miracle…thanks DOC !

Russell V. Rosen
Owner — Chardonnay Nouveau

I limped around for 4 years delaying my hip replacement. Worst of all, I lost my golf swing. Couldn’t get over to my right side due to the pain!!
Even my dog was bored with my pain…our long walks had been reduced to a few circles in the yard.

Enter Dr. Zehr and his great staff. He made me feel as if I was his only patient. No question I asked was considered a dumb question. And most importantly, Dr. Zehr was one of very few with experience expertly doing the “anterior approach hip”.
I needn’t fly around the country looking for the right surgeon and hospitals with experience and modern equipment for this modern surgical approach.…they are right here in Naples.

Thanks Dr. Zehr – you gave my retirement life back to me! My golf game returned a long time ago and my dog loves me again!

Tom M. Sweeney

As you can see from the picture there is an extreme athleticism on the part of the horse and rider that goes with cutting – Thanks to the operation that Dr. Zehr performed on my knees, 4 months after surgery I was able to continue with my cutting horse competitions.

Darol Rodrock
Professional Rodeo Rider

Dr. Zehr is the Man with the Golden Hands. My knee replacements work great and I can continue to coach soccer at St. Ann’s School which I love.

John Bocwinski
Former U.S. Olympic Soccer Player, 1972 Munich Games

I bike and golf regularly and was experiencing a great deal of discomfort in my right hip. The anterior approach Dr. Zehr practices avoided a lengthy recovery period since no muscles were cut. I walked out of the hospital the morning after surgery with only the aid of a cane. I was driving two weeks later and riding my bike in three weeks. I was very impressed with the care and attention from Dr. Zehr and his staff. I have recommended Dr. Zehr to several of my friends.

John Risk

I stopped running and playing tennis because of knee and hip pain. My pain increased to where I couldn’t sleep. As an engineer I spent hours researching my options and surgeons. That’s when I found Dr Zehr and his minimally invasive surgical procedures.

First, my knee was replaced and in a short while I was back on the tennis court, but I still had hip pain that radiated down my leg — so once again I researched my options. I found that there was a new anterior approach hip surgery that had many advantages over the traditional approach. Not many surgeons were doing this type of surgery in the US. but Dr. Zehr told me he did this type of procedure. I was walking without assistance in days after the surgery and back doing all my previous activities in 6 weeks. Needless to say I was delighted.

The Staff at The Zehr Center could not have been more caring and friendly. I was back on the tennis court and for the first time in ten years playing singles tennis. No more swelling, ice and pain…thank you people of the Zehr Center and Dr Zehr.

Nick Tomassetti

I dealt with severe hip pain for three years. I could hardly get in and out of the car! Thanks to Dr. Zehr and his team, I was back to gardening, walking four miles each day and golfing within two months of surgery. The anterior hip replacement that he performs is second to none! I wish I would have done it sooner!

Sandy Halvorsen

I put off my hip replacement and lived with the pain and diminished physical activities until one weekend I was finishing the 3 mile running phase of a sprint triathlon and… I stumbled and fell.

Right then and there I made up my mind to get my hip replaced.
You were as good as your word and you replaced my hip using the anterior hip approach. I am back to competing in triathlons.

Thank you for listening to my hopes and desires and restoring me to my original level of activity. I just might be better now than before.

Sue Ann Miller

Thanks to you for my anterior hip replacement.
You did a great job and I was amazed and delighted at how quickly I was able to get back to a favorite hobby — collecting special shells on Sanibel Island.

You were highly recommended to me and I happily recommend you to anyone contemplating a new hip.

George Clarke, Jr.

I had 2 total hip replacements performed by Dr. Zehr within 4 months of each other. Over time my pain was limiting my normal active lifestyle and I decided that this was not the way I wanted to live in the future. Dr. Zehr and his staff answered all of my questions and were very reassuring as I was naturally anxious about this surgery. I was back playing golf and tennis within 6 weeks after my first replacement and was convinced that having my other hip replaced was the best decision for me. I recovered from my second surgery faster than the first and am now pain free. I am very happy that I chose Dr. Zehr and his very competent and professional staff to perform these procedures!

Mike, via Vitals.com

The direct anterior approach to total hip replacement is a specialty of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. I am totally grateful to Dr. Zehr and his entire team, including my PT with Ryan Senkarik, for getting me on track to a more comfortable and productive way of life. Six (6) days post hip replacement surgery I was walking unassisted (no cane/walker) and on at least 4 occasions, during this time period, I walked at least one mile per day and at 14 days I was swinging an 8 iron on the driving range! Thanks Dr. Zehr and may God bless you for your amazing skills and unique approach to hip restoration.

Astor Rogers

For a surgeon he is conservative and in no hurry to do surgery. Takes lots of time with you!

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr and his staff are highly trained professionals specializing in the treatment of hip and knee disorders, especially joint replacement due to osteoarthritis. These are excellent practitioners and I would rate them highly. I had total right hip joint replacement and after two months I’m out of physical therapy, walking normally and with no pain.

Patient via ratemds.com

I am 100% happy with my new hip. I give the credit for my quick recovery to your excellent method and my hard work. I have told everyone that this method is preferable, and they should tell anyone needing hip replacement about it. I’ve told friends from Western Michigan, where the anterior method is not available, that it is worth the trip down here to have you do it!

Louise Staple

Dr. Zehr is totally about the patient and the patient’s needs. He is honest and outstanding at what he does. I had a knee arthroscopy and the recovery time was so short no one could believe it. I recommend him to everyone.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr listens and gives straight answers. He’s done bi-lateral knee replacements on me and I was back playing tennis in four months. Also treated me for hip bursitis. He’s absolutely the best.

Patient via ratemds.com

Everything about my experience with Dr. Zehr and his team was very positive. He replaced my right hip in mid-November 2011, and the results have been fantastic. I would highly recommend him for this surgery.

Patient via ratemds.com

I found Dr. Zehr to be everything that I heard about him. His staff and people he referred me to were the best!

Ralph, via Vitals.com

Dr. Zehr has replaced both my knees, one two years ago and the other 6 weeks ago. I highly recommend (and have to several people already) him if considering a knee replacement. He was excellent two yeas ago and has even improved on excellence on this most recent surgery!

Sue Bunch

Dr. Zehr said you can’t walk too much—so in the hospital I lead the pack in laps walked around the floor. I did the exercises with therapist at home and when she said do another set later in the day, I did!! I followed the same format at out-patient therapy and I was golfing 9 holes at 6 weeks with no pain!!! Now at 7 weeks I am still exercising and keeping active with no pain. I was very happy when the nurses would say—we all love Dr Zehr’s patients because they all do so well and I heard the same thing from the therapists—-so I figure he must be doing something special. Thanks to Dr. Zehr and the whole staff.

Ann Farrall

I was off the walker in one week, off the cane in two weeks and hitting golf balls by the end of week three! The whole process could not have been smoother and I have had no pain since the day of my surgery.

Dr. Roy Dagnall

If you want the best, then see Dr. Zehr. He has been my doctor for 6 years and has helped me so much. He and his staff are so helpful when you go in. You are not treated like a number, they give you all the time you need. Dr. Zehr explained everything to me so I could understand it. He did my knee replacement two months ago and I have had a quick recovery. I am 63 years old and had a knee replacement 8 years ago by a different physician – I had more pain and a slower recovery. Dr. Zehr is truly one of a kind!

Jo Augustine

Dr. Zehr made me feel confident of a positive and successful outcome for my hip replacement surgery.

Ann Marie de Perez

I love going to visit Dr. Zehr and his office personnel. The doctor is right down to earth, very friendly, answers all my questions, is always smiling, and he really cares for me, the patient. His office staff are just as wonderful. Going to see Dr. Zehr and his friendly employees has been a great experience. I have already referred a few of my friends to his care and they feel the same as I do. I am treated the way I expect to be treated with a lot of respect. It’s like a going to visit the family!

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr replaced a badly damaged and arthritic knee. The results were beyond any reasonable expectation. I’ve had over 15 surgeries on knee and shoulder at top places around the country and this is by far the best outcome. He is a gifted surgeon at the top of his game. I recommend him highly and without qualification.

Dennis Ferrazzano

Bilateral total knee replacements 5/2010. Quick recovery. Now have excellent rotation with normal gait. Very happy with all aspects of the procedure.

Patient via ratemds.com

I’m post surgery two weeks for total hip replacement. I would recommend Dr. Zehr to family and friends. The anterior approach he uses is fast recovery, little pain and I’m walking alone without cane or walker after two weeks. I did extensive research looking for my doctor and I made the RIGHT choice with Dr. Zehr.

Patient via ratemds.com

Excellent hip replacement using the anterior approach. High integrity. Very knowledgeable. Would recommend this approach for hip replacement to anyone, and would recommend Dr. Zehr as the best.

Patient via ratemds.com

Dr. Zehr really knows and performs excellently the anterior approach for hip replacements. In addition, he has high integrity. More interest in what is best for his patient than getting business.

John Shufelt

Dr. Zehr is most knowledgeable and caring. My surgery went perfectly and the recuperation was successful. I just completed my 1-year check-up, and x-rays show that my knee is perfectly placed and in terrific shape. I’m so happy and would recommend this surgeon to all my family and friends!

Patient via ratemds.com

I have just completed my one-year check-up after total hip replacement. Everything went extremely well, I can’t believe what I can do today that I couldn’t do for years prior to the surgery. I knew life had to be better than that and Dr. Zehr made it all happen, exactly as he explained, right on schedule. I would recommend Dr. Zehr to everyone. He is so informative, caring, and the office is fantastic which I can’t say about most other doctors’ offices.

Rosemary Bell

He is the most informative and cautious doctor. Always wanting to try anything before surgery. I am most appreciative.

Catherine McKay

Dr. Robert Zehr is a true professional in his specialty. His bedside manner is to be commended. I am also a medical professional and have worked with other orthopaedic specialists and he tops my list. The entire office is a friendly professional practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Zehr to anyone and I have!

Joanne Force-Apgar

He uses the latest methods. My hospital stay and recovery time after hip replacement was minimal. I have recommended him to several people in my community.

Bob Sander

Dr. Robert Zehr is capable, compassionate and has an excellent ability to explain the problems of the joints. I have had three (3) joint replacements, both hips and one complete shoulder replacement. My surgeries went flawlessly because of Dr. Zehr’s skills and his staff caring. My results are spectacular! Dr. Zehr is the best.

Richard Lydle

I had the most wonderful experience with my hip replacement – Dr. Zehr and his medical group are so informative, reassuring, and caring. The notebook which Dr. Zehr presents to his surgery patients is so informative I believe it is called “every question you ever wanted to ask about hip replacement.” That was so true. I referred to it many times during the weeks of my recovery – which time was quite short. I was back to work in two weeks with no cane. The office is run so smoothly, the staff extremely pleasant – almost makes you want to return 🙂 Dr. Zehr is a genius!

Patient via ratemds.com

Quite simply, it could not have been better. I had been suffering for 6-7 years and was, quite frankly, afraid. Dr. Zehr and his team put me at ease from the initial consultation, to release from the hospital and right through recovery. I could not be happier.

Richard M., via Vitals.com

Dr. Zehr is an excellent surgeon and I am very pleased with my new hip!!! Of course I was really nervous about having an operation, but he explained everything and took good care of me. I recommend him to everyone who is in pain – what a relief with my new hip. Plus his office staff is superb!!

Kathryn McMichael

Great doctor, highly skilled. Has been treating me for years. He has successfully got me through knee replacement and several revisions to an old total hip. Office staff is very helpful and compassionate.

Patient via ratemds.com

Excellent overall patient care and knowledge. Great sense of humor and smiles. Explained everything exceedingly well and took the time and had the patience to make me feel that he cared about my on going care after surgery. Recommended to everyone I talk to with confidence.

Dave Nichols

I have had two major surgeries within the last year and Dr. Zehr and staff have been terrific. I would recommend them to anyone.

Patient via ratemds.com

I had a total hip replacement using the direct anterior approach, and I had a wonderful result. I had a prior hip replacement, which resulted in that leg being substantially longer than the other, requiring me to use a lift in my shoe. When presented with my problem, Dr. Zehr did my second hip and made my leg longer, so that both my legs are now the same length and I no longer need a lift to compensate for the difference in leg length. One week after surgery, I was walking without a cane and four weeks after surgery I could walk for 30 blocks or more without discomfort.

Patient via ratemds.com

This was my first visit to an orthopedic surgeon, and I drove down from Fort Myers specifically to be treated by Dr. Zehr for knee pain. I used the online appointment request feature at www.zehrcenter.com and was seen, treated and back to my exercise program within a week!

Patient via ratemds.com

I want to thank Dr. Zehr for ALL he has done for me in the last 6 1/2 yrs. If not for him I would have LOST my left leg totally. I recommend him highly if you need bone work done–he knows what he’s doing. I had 2 other Dr.’s tell me they would have CUT IT OFF — the 4″ of femur bone that was crushed above my knee was replaced with cadaver bone…..hey it works for me!!! I can walk with my OWN 2 legs. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Denise L. Keast-Gainey

Dr. Zehr took on a very challenging case that was turned down by several local surgeons as too difficult. Considering the starting point, I was thrilled with the function of my knee. I would highly recommend Dr. Zehr to my friends and anyone who needs knee surgery.

Patient via ratemds.com

A very well trained and highly skilled and experienced surgeon, with a friendly support staff, digital X-ray unit and electronic medical record system.

Patient via ratemds.com

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