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Video Testimonials

Our patients are thrilled to get back to living their lives – without pain! Listen as a few of them tell their stories.
Read more testimonials from satisfied patients living a life without pain.

New Knee Scores Well With This Golfer

Like many athletes suffering with joint pain, this golfer found ways to compensate for it, but his game – and his life – suffered. A new knee gets his game – and his life – back on course!

Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Keeps Her Running

When this sprint triathlon competitor fell during a run, she knew it was time to replace her hip. The direct anterior approach to total hip replacement is a specialty of the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics and it put this spirited gal back in the running. She is now able to out distance runners half her age!

Florida REALTOR Sold on Total Hip Replacement

Imagine trying to showcase beautiful homes for sale…when climbing stairs and standing causes excruciating pain! With a painful hip most of her adult life, see why this Florida REALTOR chose the unique skills available at the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics when she needed her hip replacement.

Congressman Makes Splash with Knee and Hip Replacements

A former U.S. Congressman enjoys making a splash with his grandson, thanks to a total knee replacement and a total hip replacement. He now enjoys the full scope of a Florida retirement with the active, pain free lifestyle he deserves.

Fireman Climbs Ladder of Success with New Knees

He says it best himself: “I have to keep up with the 20 year olds!” And this fireman does, with the pain free flexible knees that he gained as a result of his bilateral total knee replacements. He is able to perform the high demand climbing, running and lifting that his job requires keeping our community safe.

Racquetball Player Courts Success with Custom Knee Replacements

This competitive racquetball player, avid golfer and active cyclist really only had one goal for his bilateral Custom Aligned Knee replacements – he wanted to be able to walk his dogs again. Now he’s not only keeping up with his furry friends, but is ready to take to the courts again with pain free knees!

Partial Knee Replacements Keep This Pampered Chef on Her Feet

This former Marine is now a medical professional and Pampered Chef® consultant. Years of running and aerobics while protecting this country took a toll on her knees until the pain was so great she couldn’t even shop for groceries. Unicompartmental knee replacements now allow her to pursue her passions without pain!

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