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Friends and Patients;

As many of you have come to realize, the practice of medicine has changed from what you remember it to be many years ago. There has seeped into each physician’s practice a great need to be a competitive businessman along with being a superior clinician. In fact, the best, most kind and most competent physician will not survive if he cannot run a sound business which often means that he must “toot his own horn.”

We all know that the lifeblood of a practice is a happy patient spreading praise of their physician to others seeking similar care. Additionally, more and more patients are turning to the internet to obtain answers, investigate the training, experience and unique skills of a prospective surgeon, as well as to find out what other patients think of him.

To that end, YOU can be of great help to Dr. Zehr and his team if you would take just a moment of your time to record a positive rating of your surgeon, his team and the many people who work so hard to make your life better, by logging on to one or all of the following internet physician rating websites to which patients outside of the local market often refer for impressions.

It won’t take much time and would be a great help to us!

With sincere thanks,

Robert J. Zehr, MD and Staff

Zehr Center for Orthopaedics


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