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Rapid Recovery Joint Surgery

The prospect of having your knee or hip replaced can be daunting. So many things to consider—which surgeon, which hospital, which rehab facility? Fear and anxiety can work to inhibit rational thinking and prevent you from doing what is necessary to solve the problem with your painful joint.


Wouldn’t it be great if everything could be put together into a complete package so that all of these decisions are made by the experts and you could focus completely on getting back to normal after your surgery?

This is exactly what we do for you here at The Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. Once a decision is made that you need a joint replacement, we lead you through the entire process from beginning to completion. We take the time to explain the road ahead and provide understandable educational materials such as our renowned “Guidebook” series to help you remember everything. We lay out an integrated program so that the office experience, the hospital stay and pre- and post-op therapy are all coordinated to keep you on the path to success. We will help you to set realistic goals for your return to activities and help you to realize these goals.

This process of educating our patients all along the way is what we call our “RAPID RECOVERY PROGRAM.” From your initial visits in our office, through the preparation phases where you visit your family physician to optimize your medical conditions, to the hospital where the orthopedic nursing and therapy is geared to your success, and finally the important outpatient rehabilitation therapy,  you will be led through each step so that you are comfortable with the process because you know what is coming and can see your steady progress.

The key elements of the “Rapid Recovery Program” are:


  • You are informed every step of the way – no surprises
  • Our “Guidebook” and other professional materials are provided so you keep on track


  • Your family should be involved at every step
  • You participate with other patients with the same surgery and goals

Physical Therapy

  • Exercise and training before and after surgery
  • A trusted family member is trained to help you

Planned Progress

  • Each step from hospital admission to discharge is planned
  • Therapy goals are set, expectations will be met

Return to Pre-agreed Levels of Function

  • Goals set before surgery should be realized
  • Should take 4-6 weeks to complete program in fit and well prepared patients

Ultimately, we want to take away all of the distracting elements that can surround your surgery experience so that you can focus completely on your recovery. You will feel confident and motivated to get through this challenge so that upon completion of the program your mobility will be restored, your pain relieved and you can start again to enjoy the activities of your life that you were missing.

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